Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Well, this was a much better week than last for my workouts!  My back recovered fully from the damn deadlifts lol.  Even though I had a really busy week at work, I managed to get back to the gym consistently, and got in all my workouts which makes me feel good.  I will have to push hard again this coming week, since I'll be out of town on the weekend again.  It's been go go go non-stop, I feel like I need another vacation already!

On a side note, update on my Invisalign process - I went to the dentist on Monday to pick up all the rest of the liners!  It's crazy how fast it goes by now that I'm switching every week.  I've been using the Acceledent device everyday, with the exception of the week I went to the UAE.  I do think this shaking device makes a big difference in moving my teeth faster, and lessening the soreness.  So at this rate, I'll be done by the end of April!  That will be about 6 months total for this whole process, if there's no additional adjustments to be made.  So far, I definitely notice a difference in my teeth.  The outer part of my front two teeth especially have been rotated inwards a little, so that they align better with the rest of the teeth.  It sounds like such a small difference, at only a few millimeters.  But it makes a big difference when you look at it, especially from the side.  So I'm pretty happy to have gone through this process.  And I'm excited to see the final changes in the next 2 months!  Hopefully I will be all done by then.  It's a vanity thing, but it's great to be happy with your smile!

Alright, now onto the workouts and outfits this week...

Monday 2/29 - I took it off as a rest day since I just got back from Vegas really late the night before.

Tuesday 3/1
What I did:  I finished last week with Strength #1 of Get Glutes month 15, so I started this week with Strength #2, followed by 20 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon Water Bound Singlet in bruised berry
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

Wednesday 3/2
What I did:  Strength #3, followed by a treadmill class for 30 minutes.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon Water Bound Singlet
in ombre wave
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be in white
Bottom:  Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight in naval blue
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0

To and From:  Lululemon Nice Asana Jacket in plum

Thursday 3/3 - Rest

Friday 3/4
What I did:  Strength #4, followed by 20 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  
Bottom:  Lululemon SE Mesh Roll Down Wunder Under Crop in wee are from space silver spoon
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in fusion pink/atomic mango

Saturday 3/5 - Rest day.  I went out and about for brunch and shopping errands.  The weather here cooled down a bit again, so I took the opportunity to bust out more boots!
Top:  DVF Jeanne Two wrap dress in cobalt chain link 

On Saturday night, I went out to dinner at this popular restaurant in Santa Monica called Tar & Roses.  It actually rained a little too!  This is what I wore:

Sunday 3/6
What I did:  Strength #1, followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill.

What I wore:
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0 in gray/crimson

To and From:  Alo Yoga Rift LS

Alright, that's it for this week!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. The DVF dress and boots look perfect together. This combo is so fresh and pretty for spring! Hope you have a great week!!


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