Thursday, March 17, 2016

Round of Beauty Product Reviews Again!

Well, it's about time I talk about the new beauty products I've been using lately!  I've been using this magical pencil for the past 2 months or so, and I am still so amazed by it.  It is the Benefit Cosmetics High Brows pencil, and I got it in "champagne pink" color which is apparently online only.  All I have to say is... Omg, trust the reviews.  I almost didn't buy this because I thought it was kind of expensive ($22), but let me tell you... it is worth every penny!

So this pencil is meant to be used on your brow bone to define your eyebrows.  It's great for that.  I used to achieve the same effect with an eye shadow in a similar shade.  However, it was kind of a pain to do so and I would only do that on occasion.  Using a pencil is so much easier so I now do it on a daily basis.  

In addition to highlighting my brow bone, I also use it to highlight my nose bridge, my waterline, and to line the outside of my upper lips to make them look fuller (try this trick, it works great!).  This pencil is literally a do-it-all magical device!  The color is sooooo perfect as well.  It doesn't go on very strong.  So you just get a subtle but noticeable effect.  You really have to try this.  I am addicted.

Ok, next I decided to try the Lancome CILS Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base since it has almost 1500 all 5 star reviews.  

Well, this one I am not as excited about.  It works fine, but I much prefer my Shiseido Mascara Base (my review here).  The Lancome one has a wetter formula, while it does feel like a "conditioner", if I curl my lashes before using it, it will totally drag my lashes back down.  On the other hand, the Shiseido one actually makes my lashes stay up better.  I've figured out that if I curl my lashes AFTER putting on the Lancome base, it actually works better.  However, the formula makes my lashes clump together slightly whereas the Shiseido one doesn't do that at all.  So this will not be a recurring purchase for me.

The next product I've been trying out is kind of interesting.  It is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil

I was hesitant to get this since I feel like oil would make my face break out.  But I was curious enough to give it a shot.  Well, it doesn't make me break out.  It does, however, make my skin look dewey and fresh, though oily.  After a few uses, I have figured out that a little of this product goes a loooong way.  So if I only use a tiny bit, the effect is really nice and I don't feel extra oily.  If I accidentally use too much, then I feel oily all day.  It really takes practice to do it.  

I just read a review in which someone mentions that you need to wait a while for the product to completely dry before putting on foundation or powder to avoid oiliness.  So I may have to try that and see if I feel less oily.  If it works really well that way, then this product may just be worth the $42 price tag.

Lastly, I got the Sephora Collection Triple Action Cleansing Water.  I got a sample of the Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water a couple months ago and really liked it.  The Sephora Collection one is basically a cheaper substitute.

I actually don't mind the Sephora one at all.  And if I didn't use the Dr. Jart one at all, I'd really love it even more.  I think compared to Dr. Jart, it is a little bit inferior.  It feels a little heavier on the skin.  But the big price difference (less than half the price of Dr. Jart) makes up for that completely.  I just use this product like I would with a toner.  So I clean my face, then put some of this product on a cotton pad and go over my whole face.  I actually even go over my eye area with it, because it's very gentle and it's supposed to be some kind of cleanser anyway!  

And that's it for now!  I'm always trying out new beauty products, so I'll be back for more later!


  1. Thanks for your review! I'll have to give the brow pencil a try too!

    1. You totally need this pencil!! Lol. I love how convenient it is.

  2. I love sephora's cleansing water. I've tried a couple of sephora brand products and really liked them.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it. I've been happy with all the Sephora brand products I've tried too. You get much more value from them than other brands!

  3. Oooo, could you share more about what the lip trick is? I am terrible at make-up! Thanks for the helpful review!

    1. You basically just trace the outline of your upper lips like how you would put on lip liner. But using a highlighter color gives the effect of fuller lips! It's super easy and quick, but the result is pretty amazing. =)


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