Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shopping Trip at Nordstrom Rack!

I went to Nordstrom Rack to return the Vince Camuto sweater I got from Hautelook a couple months ago.  Of course I ended up trying on a bunch of stuff and taking home a Vince top, DvF dress, and Converse Chuck Taylors!

I used to really dislike Converse shoes, but they've been growing on me.  So I was considering getting some for my New York trip.  I like that their style is pretty versatile.  A nice casual shoe that is not super athletic looking.  Nordstrom Rack had both the Chuck Taylor style and the Shoreline style.  I debated between the two, but ultimately went with the Chuck Taylor because the Shorelines were really tight on the top of my feet - the tongue/laces are not adjustable, and I even tried a size up and had the same issue.  I believe I have higher than normal arches, but was surprised at just how tight they are.  I do really like their lower cut though!  But I also like the classic look of the Chuck Taylors.  Here are the Chuck Taylor and Shorelines side by side that I took at the store:

Anyway, the Chuck Taylors are not discounted at all at Nordstrom Rack.  The Shorelines were like $30 or so.  I guess they just carry the Chuck Taylors because they are popular?  I got my usual size 6, but they seem to run large.  I could totally size down to 5.5 but the store didn't have any for me to try on.  I bought them but I'm not sure if I'll use them in NYC after all.  I didn't realize that their soles were so heavy, and I don't think they would be that comfortable to walk around all day in.  

I like the red/white/blue combo though!  How fitting that I bought them on Memorial Day!  =P

They look pretty cute with ankle pants, I think... here they are, along with the Vince Drop Shoulder top I bought.  I can't find the exact one online, but here is the same style in different colors also on sale for about the same price I paid (~$50).

This Vince tee is pretty comfortable, and I like the casual loose fit.  I got it in size XS, same as all my Vince tops, and it's still very loose.  I seriously love this brand.

There are subtle stripes in the print, but kind of hard to see:

It's got the split hem with back longer than front by about an inch:

Lastly, I got the DvF New Julian Two Silk dress in ocelot floral multi.  Nordstrom Rack is selling it for $159, which is pretty much the lowest price I've seen for DvF wrap dresses.  I thought the print was pretty striking!  I worried for a bit that it may be too tropical/Hawaiian print.  But I think if it is, then it is in a good way lol.  I like it.  Got my usual DvF size 4.

Here's the print up close - so the Julian 2 dress differs from my Jeanne 2 dress in that it is 3/4 sleeve, and has no collar.  Otherwise the two styles fit the same.

I found this dress on Nordstrom Rack's website in like all sizes.  The web photos make it look so dull and yucky!  It's no wonder that no one is buying it.  It looks much more vibrant in person (like in my photos).  I think it's a steal!  I would even consider wearing it to work, either with a blazer over or on its own on a summer Friday.

I would never have considered buying this dress if I only saw these Nordstrom Rack photos lol.

It's also red, white and blue!  Too late to wear for Memorial Day, but perfect for 4th of July?!  =D

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