Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Splits59 Black Friday Sale!

Is it just me or are retailers having Black Friday sales earlier and earlier now?  Splits59 started theirs starting last weekend and I made and received my order already!  They are having a 30% off for Black Friday deal (code BF30) which is probably the biggest discount I've ever seen from them on regular priced merchandise.  So I knew it was my chance to get those couple items I've been wanting!  

So, I got the Sabrina Matrix tank in white/glory/black because I love Sabrina tanks and this one has a very striking color combo:

Ok, I am keeping this tank, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed after I took it out of the box.  Once again... what is up with Splits59 sizing???  It seems every few months I don't order from them, they change up their sizing completely.  I have many versions of the Sabrina tank, and the older version in size XS is huge.  Then they started making the cut smaller so I started getting size S and loved the fit.  Now with this tank I just ordered, it seems they are making them even smaller?!  I got it in size S and it is at least an inch shorter than my other ones.  The front is also cut a little bit too high from what I like.  I would have sized up to M if I had known, because I always prefer longer tanks.  Though this tank as it is, is not so short that I cannot wear it.  It's like barely ok length in my opinion lol.  So I can't be bothered to go through the trouble of making an exchange.  I just really wish they would be consistent with sizing.

Here it is on me:

Aside from the length, or lack thereof, it is pretty though.  I love the mesh details and colorblocking.  I'm such a sucker.

The back is more sheer than the pic above shows.  Here's what it looks like when not worn:

Secondly, I got the Olivia Matrix Run Tee in white/black.  Of course this is the beautiful top I already own in crystal/heather grey.  At the time I got the gray one, I also liked the black.  So I knew the black one was going to be mine some day.  And apparently that someday is today lol.

This one has consistent sizing as compared to the gray one.  So it is also in size S and fits the same.  I love it.

Again, love the mesh and colorblocking!

So, the Black Friday deal is pretty decent and shipping is free if you order over $100!  The 2 items I got barely made it over $100 so I got the free shipping as well.  Not bad price at all for the two!  If the tank was a smidge longer, I'd be a super happy camper. 

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  1. I just returned that black and white long sleeve top. While I loved the color blocking & mesh design, I just couldn't justify $82 on this top. I felt it was shapeless & really cheap feeling. I felt for $82 it was boxy & they could've made it more of a flattering cut while still remaining loose. I felt they could've done more with the bottom hem rather than just cut straight across. I could get a much higher quality top from Lululemon for the same price.


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