Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Funday!

What a nice long weekend it has been!  I really needed the mini break and was so glad to have the 3 day Easter weekend.  I've been working hard!  Lol.  Over the weekend, my bf and I drove around to a few different neighborhoods in search for a possible place to get a house.  I've decided that I really want a house in the hills, with a nice view, preferably ocean lol.  But canyon view will do too.  I love the current condo I live in, and the neighborhood is super convenient.  I can literally take 3 steps to go outside and be in the middle of all the restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc.  But I think I now want a house with a yard that I can chill in.  Still think the housing market is overpriced now, so maybe just rent for a couple more years.  Though the rent on a house in the hills is not cheap!  They easily go above 10k per month, and all I can think about is how many pairs of shoes I can buy with that lol.  Anyway... just looking for now, nothing set in stone.  But it was fun to drive around and explore the areas that we normally don't get to!

Other than that, I didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  Just lots of errands and laundry!  I got in a couple workouts this weekend as well, since I didn't really have time to throughout the week.  So here we go!

Monday 3/21 - Rest

Tuesday 3/22
What I did:  I finished up strength 4 of Get Glutes Month 15 from last week.  So that concludes month 15!  I did 20 minutes of the gauntlet afterwards too.

What I wore:
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be in very green
Bottom:  Lululemon Wunder Under Crop in wee are from space fatigue green
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

To and From:  Lululemon Journey Jacket

Wednesday 3/23 - Rest

Thursday 3/24 - Rest

Friday 3/25
What I did:  I did the 45 min workout on the treadmill.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon No Limit Tank
 in flash
Bottom:  Lululemon Speed Short in savasana camo fatigue green
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

The same night, I went out to dinner and wore my DVF Valencia Dress in rockscape for the first time.  I wore it with my Christian Louboutin Bianca nude pump and Balanciaga City Bag.

Saturday 3/26 - Rest, but here's what I wore to brunch and such:
Bottom:  Black Orchid Jegging in after hours

Sunday 3/27
What I did:  Spin class.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon Water Bound Singlet in aquamarine
Bra:  Lululemon Free To Be in faded zap
Bottom:  Lululemon Top Speed Crop in cyber stripe
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in turbo green

Here's a more casual outfit that I wore today while out running errands:

And that's it for the week!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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