Friday, October 9, 2015

A Little Nike Haul!

I don't know what's happening to Nike lately, but I used to hate it and now I love it.  They've really been stepping it up with their designs, and I always find these cute things I can't resist!  I went to the Nike store with my bf last weekend and he bought a pair of shoes he loved as well.  So when we got home, I started browsing their website and found quite a few items to order myself!  I also totally forgot that they had applied a 15% off coupon to my account a while ago for a future order, due to a price adjustment I asked for (they don't do price adjustments, apparently).  So I got to use the coupon this time as well to get more discounts.  I saved way more than what I would have gotten from the price adjustment!

So first, I got myself a pair of new shoes - Nike Free TR 5 in white/gorge green.  I was actually checking these shoes out a while ago when they were full price!  I ended up getting them for only $60 after my discount.

These shoes are pretty cute in person.  I like the dark green color and the fade near the back of the sole.  I have 5 pairs of the previous model of this shoe already (the TR 4) and I love each one dearly.  I don't really know what the difference between TR 4 and TR 5 is, because they seem pretty similar to me.  But I think these run a tiny bit smaller than my TR 4s.  I got them in my regular size 6, and they fit with no extra room for swelling or anything.  I think they would be ok, but perhaps 6.5 would be better.

I also gave another pair of Nike crops a try.  I got the Epic Lux crops in obsidian/black.

It's a dark navy color with prints on the sides.  These crops are made of nylon and spandex, and they feel nice and stretchy.  I got size XS and they fit perfectly.  But while I love the design, they are semi-sheer in the bum.  If you bend over, you can definitely see the underwear outline.  This seems to be a common issue in Nike crops, unfortunately.  These are on sale too though.  I would never have spent the original price of $105 on them.  But they are on sale for $59 now and with my discount I spent $50.  Not bad, not too good either.  I will have to consider whether to keep or not.

I love the high rise and wide waistband - always great for working out since they won't slide down.

Zipper pocket on back:

I like the print on the sides:

I don't like how Nike always uses these cheapie waist ties.  I wish they would do what Lululemon does which is put a continuous drawstring in:

I also got 5 more tops lol.  They were $21 each after my discount (they are all on sale currently), with the exception of the Elastika Graphic tank which is only $35 at full price anyway so it's not bad at all.  I'm not usually a big fan of logos, but this one I like:

I got this in size S, which is my normal Nike top size.  I feel the fit is a little off around the neckline.  It's too high or something.  I wish it was cut lower!  Because I really like this tank otherwise.  I love the slouchy fit and the material is nice.  It reminds me of Lululemon's sheer luon that I loved but they no longer use.  I wonder if I would like the tank better if I size up to M:

Love the back (wearing the new Lululemon Lighten Up bra under):

I'll need to try this style on in M and see if I like it better.

Next top I got I really really love (wearing it now!) and it is the Burnout T-shirt.  I've actually seen people wear this style around and I usually love it.  I think the fit is excellent.  Just the right amount of slouchiness.  I don't even mind the gigantic "Nike" on the front lol:

I love this kind of digital print.  The color of the tank is black/white, but it looks charcoal in person and online.  I got it in size S as well and I love love love it!  Super soft and comfy too.

I think I can wear this casually or to workout in:

Next tank I love also, and is another Nike tank I've been eyeing for a while.  Glad it's on sale now, so I picked it up!  It's the Club Tank and I got it in black.

This tank is like a muscle tank that is completely mesh on the back.  It's very lightweight and I love both the fit and material as well.  I got it in size S/M.  That was the smallest size it comes in.  It definitely fits loose, and long.  But I love it since I'm all about loose tanks nowadays.

The next 2 tanks I am not so sure about.  I might keep or return both lol.  First is the Running City Tank.  I got it in black too (Do you see a pattern here?  Hehe).

I like the city print, however it is not the most unique looking tank I guess.  It's just a cotton racerback, with the material being on the thicker side.  I don't know if I can workout in it without getting really hot.  

I got it in size S but it seems to fit tighter than other tanks, probably due to the more fitted style.  So if you want a looser fit, you should size up in it:

Here's the graphic up close:

It says:  There is no finish line.

The last tank I got is the Burnout Fly Tank in white:


I'm really torn about this tank.  It's very short, which I knew when I bought based on the online photo and reviews.  However, they only had it in size M so I bought it thinking that maybe it would be longer and loose.  Well, it's kind of just an awkward length:

But I do really like how it fits on the side and back.  It's another muscle tank kind of style that shows off your bra on the side:

But I just think it looks weird from the front!

Another thing is, since the burnout material sooo thin, you can completely see the product information that's printed on the inside of the tank, from the outside:

I guess it's not a big deal if you don't care.  Otherwise everyone will know what size you wear haha.

So I'm actually really happy with this order even though there are a few items I'm not sure I'll be keeping.  But I feel even those items are all actually good enough / cheap enough, to keep.  And I may just do that.  Nothing I ordered is a major fail.  But I really am trying to consolidate my wardrobe so that I only have things I love lol.  It is just tough when you kind of horde all the pretty clothes though!  =P

I didn't realize until I was looking at my checkout page that everything I ordered is pretty much black or white.  It's funny how one's taste changes.  I used to be into bright and colorful clothing.  Now I'm gravitating more and more towards black and white, which I used to think was SUPER boring lol.  Maybe I'm just getting older and super boring now.  Who knows!


  1. You have so many nice and cute things. If I were you I would not keep things that I am not 100% happy with. When you reach for clothes, how much you paid for them becomes irrelevant.

    On a different note, I love your new lulu bra. How do you like it compared to the free to be wild bra? I have two wild bras. They fit well but tend to leave marks on my back :(.

    1. I think it's very similar to the free to be wild. I do size up in bras from my tank size. So I've never had an issue with the straps digging in. I have had that issue with certain bra designs though (not lululemon). I think sometimes it's a sizing thing and sometimes a particular design just doesn't work for my body, unfortunately!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered the crops and shirt bc they look so cute on you!

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