Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Lorna Jane Order with Free Tank!

Lorna Jane is current offering a free Ballet Tank with order of $150 or more (code BALLET).  I actually like the look of this tank, along with a few other things online.  So I made an order for 2 tanks and a long sleeve top.  I've returned one tank, but will be keeping the rest!

The reason I really wanted to make an order was the Addison LS top in white/neon citrus.  It looks so summery!  I need more tops in this kind of relaxed style which I can wear to and from the gym, or as a casual top.  It could maybe even be ok for work, on a Friday or something.

I contemplated for a while whether to order size S or XS.  I ended up ordering XS since all my long sleeve tops from Lorna Jane are XS, and this style looks pretty loose fitting anyway.  I was just afraid it might be too short.  But I think XS is actually good!  It is on the short side, but it's not "too short".  I can also wear a tank under it.  

So as you can see, it is a rather thin and semi-sheer top.  It's exactly what I expected!  The weight is perfect for my climate.  The material is pretty soft and I can definitely see myself wearing this often.  

The next item I got is the Lena tank.  

I guess I like these mesh muscle tanks!  My sizing in LJ tanks is all over the place.  I have probably equal amount of size S and size XS, which makes ordering online really difficult.  I opted for size S in this tank.  But turns out, it is too big.  I'm going to go to the store and see if I can exchange for XS.

It actually looks ok from the front.  But the side and back just look way to oversized with a lot of excess material hanging over.

Other than the sizing, I think it's a cute style!  It's also one of their lower priced tanks, at $45 vs most of the other tanks which are over $60.

The second tank I bought is the Summer Haze tank.  I didn't get it as a workout tank.  I thought it would be a nice casual tank to have.  I like the picture of Sydney on the tank.  Maybe because I'm nostalgic lol.  I always remember fondly the year I spent living in Australia.

I also got this tank in size S.  It also is a bit too baggy.  But I decided to return it because of the material.  I had hoped that it would be a soft flowy material.  But instead, it feels like a stiff t-shirt material.  I'm just not crazy about it and will save my $45 for something else.

Now, the free tank - Ballet tank in neon peach melba marl is actually the best tank of the 3!  


The material of this tank is a soft marl and it has a better drape.  I got it in size S too but it fits much better than the previous two tanks.  It has a nice and effortless feel to it.  The back design is also quite pretty.  I actually would have paid for it and have been happy - it's priced at $39!  But of course I'm happier to have gotten it for free.  =P

Funny thing is, I'm wearing the Lorna Jane Sunrise bra under it, and the straps are the exact same color and design as the tank!  

There's also a mesh area on the front:

There's really nothing wrong with this tank.  It's got the perfect length and fit.  I'm really glad I got it!

This free tank promotion is a pretty good deal if you think about it.  If you spend $150 there, you get about 2 or 3 items, plus this tank, which makes the average per item to $40-50.  Not bad.

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  1. Love the Ballet tank-- i have that bra also -- I just ordered that and a pink burnout tank -- they have code 30 off 70 --pretty great, right? JULEP30


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