Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lululemon Water Bound Singlet in Ombre Wave & Embody Crop!

I've been finding some goodies on ebay lately.  It's funny how that happens - sometimes everything pops up at once and other times you don't see anything you want!  I actually made 5 different purchases from ebay last week lol.  The first 2 that showed up are the Lululemon Water Bound Singlet in ombre wave white navy, and the Lululemon Embody Crop in inkwell/fresh teal/pop orange.  I missed out on both of these items when they came out, and have been watching ebay for them for a while!

The love the Water Bound singlet - I have 4 of them already so this makes #5!  This is size 4, which is the same size as the others.  I do feel that it is either a little bit shorter or the neckline is cut slightly higher in the front compared to others.  But that's minor.  I love the ombre wave print!  It's very unique.  I don't think Lululemon made very many of these - I've never seen anyone wear it here, and I live in a place where many people are sporting coveted Lulu outfits.  

I really like how this tank fit on the model.  It's definitely tighter looking on me.

And on me... the color in person is a bit more muted than the web photos:

These Embody crop came out right around the time Lululemon recalled a bunch of luon bottoms due to sheerness.  They were actually a part of the recall.  I was looking forward to getting these, but they sold out really fast online and I think they either didn't make it to the stores or got pulled immediately after hitting the shelves.  I read some reviews though that they are not that sheer.  So I figure they were just collateral damage at the time.  I took a chance buying them because I just really love the color combo!  I also saw them on a girl on the street back when they first came out, and they looked SO cute on her.  These are really bright and different colors in the crop, but for some reason they just work together. 

These are size 4, my normal size.  They are luon, and they fit like wunder under crops with a wider waistband.   I just really love the colors!  I have so many tops/bras/shoes that have these colors in them so I can make lots of outfits.  Uber exciting.

I did the bend over test, and they are really not bad at all.  I think that all crops have some level of sheerness when stretched, which I'm ok with.  I would say these fall in that category.  They are even better than some crops Lululemon came out with recently.  So I think these were totally caught in the cross fire of the recall back in the day, and Lululemon probably wanted to play it safe.

So happy I now have both the tank and the crops!  Too bad I seem to be getting sicker, so I may have to skip the gym for a couple days at least, and delay testing them out!  =(  


  1. I foolishly returned the Water Bound Singlet in Ombre Wave!! I think it fit me like the model's did though in my regular size 6. Maybe some ran small?

    1. Oh no! I hate when I return something and then regret it haha. It's hard to find on ebay too! I think the neckline on this print is cut higher than my other ones so I feel like it looks shorter but the length is actually the same. Oh well. It's not like it's too tight or anything so I can deal! I hope you find another one!

    2. Oh yeah, I'm also fat right now... lol! When I'm sick I get super bloated for some reason. Ugh. Should not be trying on clothes right now lol.


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