Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fendi Monster Bag Bugs Leather Chain Clutch

I've been loving the Fendi monster designs for a while now, and I finally pulled the trigger on the monster bag bugs clutch.a couple weeks ago when it was on sale on Ruelala.  Not much of a discount, but at least I saved a couple hundred bucks.  I don't usually feel strongly towards most purses.  I can acknowledge that some are very cute, but I just don't feel the "must have" feeling that makes me want to shell out thousands of dollars on one.  Not like shoes!  But for some reason, I just love the monster designs from Fendi.  I really want a monster Peekaboo bag, but that is definitely above my price level comfort zone for now lol.  

Anyway, this bag bugs clutch is sooooo cute.  Although it's very little.  Even the Ruelala price cost me a pretty penny, which was $740 and I think that's a little bit much for its size.  But it retails for $950, so that's pretty crazy.  I'm only keeping it because I truly love it lol.  And, I talked myself into it since I haven't really bought an expensive bag in a long time.

It comes in a cute little box too:

And a cute little dust bag:

This clutch comes in both silver and gold hardware.  I don't usually like gold, but it actually doesn't look bad in this design.  But I eventually went with silver.  I just think silver will match better with my wardrobe.

Magnetic closure:

The chain strap is removable, and it's attached on the inside of the flap:

The inside is pretty simple.  Only one little pocket.

Basically the width of this clutch can fit my iphone 6 with its case on.  So if I had the plus version of the iphone, it would not fit lol.  Forget about fitting in my wallet.  It is 2 inches deep though.  So you can easily put some makeup, keys, etc. in it.  So, yes I wish it was a little bigger!  But alas, what are you gonna do.  This is how it looks on me:

They actually also make a chained wallet version of this clutch.  The link shows the gold hardware, actually.  The wallet version of this clutch wider, but thinner than the one I got.  Although it does come with pockets so it may not be a bad idea.

Here's a pouch version - it looks to be the biggest size of the 3.  But it doesn't come with any chain or straps so that doesn't work for me.

Anywayyyy... obviously a splurge item.  =P  But it seriously makes me happy to stare at this cute little monster lol.  I'm pretty sure I can make it work with every single outfit I have too!

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