Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Lululemon Water Bound Tanks From the Online Warehouse Sale

Lululemon had an online warehouse sale last week and I caught it relatively early, thanks to my stupid schedule of having to be up by around 4 am everyday lol.  I usually like to be at the gym around 5 am, and I make a smoothie before I leave the house which is why I have no choice but to be up at such an hour.  I actually was shopping during my breaks in between sets at the gym.  But I really didn't find anything I was very interested in, save for the two Water Bound Singlets that I didn't even know had ever come out - in bruised berry and bleached coral (can't link, they are sold out already).  I guess I missed them when they came out at full price, otherwise I probably would have bought at least one!  I actually really like this tank, I have it in black and aquamarine already.

I was hoping that the bruised berry color would be more vibrant in this swim material, since I have the 105 F Singlet in bruised berry, which is a very similar silhouette.  I was happy to find that the color does indeed look brighter in the Water Bound singlet.  It's so pretty!

I really like the laser cut out designs in this tank.  I got them in size 4, which is the same as my other two.  This tank fits a bit tighter around the chest, so I definitely would not size down in it.  Though the body is a flowy fit.  I think 4 is the right size though.  Another thing I really like about this tank is how quickly the material dries.  I swear I can sweat in it for hours and then it is completely dry by the time I get to the locker room lol.  These tanks are also great to wear casually, or to the beach.

I love it in bleached coral as well.  I know this is a color that had come out a year ago or more, but this is actually the first time I've purchased something in it.  It's a nice in between of coral and orange.   Very pretty color. 

It's easier to see the cutout details on photos in this color:

The warehouse sale had these tanks priced at $29, which is a great price!  I'm definitely glad I picked them up early, because I checked the site later the same day and they were already sold out in all sizes.

I actually bought a pair of Groove pants for my mom during the sale too.  They were $59 which is not bad at all.  I got her some Splits59 relaxed fit pants a while back and she loves them.  I figured she would probably like Lululemon as well since she doesn't own any currently!  She was really stoked to find out that Lululemon pants are reversible.  Now it's more like $100 for 2 pairs of yoga pants instead of one.  =P

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  1. The singlet colors look great on you. I was just wondering, are you not into the whole ftbw bra craze? Just curious what your thoughts on them are. -Nab

    1. Yeah I haven't really liked the colors in that bra. I don't usually like straps that go that wide in the back. It looks too busy. I would have to try it on though. But I have a feeling I like the regular free to be bra better.

  2. We r twins! I also bought those two tanks because I love the black that I own!

  3. Oh dear, I bought the water bound singlets too but downsized. I hope mine will fit. ��

    1. It might! The material is quite stretchy. It's really the chest area that is form fitting. The rest of the tank will be completely fine sized down, IMO.


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