Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Lululemon Items from eBay!

Omg I should be filing my taxes since tomorrow is April 15!  But I am here writing about my Lululemon ebay purchases... Lol!  Well, I'll probably have to pay this time so I'm not in a big hurry to give the IRS more money.  So, Lululemon it is.  =)

Last week I mentioned that I had bought quite a few items on ebay around the same time.  I only had a chance to post about 2 of them.  So here goes the other 3!

First I got another Yogi Cut Off Tee, in heathered white.  I had bought the Yogi Cut Off Tee in cayman stripe on sale, and I like the fit and style.  I wouldn't spend a lot on this top, but I got a brand new heathered white one on ebay for $20 and that's totally worth it!  It's also size 4 and it fits exactly the same as the cayman stripe.  I love it, took tag off right away!

I'm really liking loose fitting muscle tees at the moment.  The tencel is very lightweight as well.  It shows sweat very easily though, I find.

I had bought the 2013 Seawheeze Track Attack skirt in tri check angel wing before, but ended up selling it because I just never wore it.  Actually I sold pretty much all my running skirts for the same reason.  I always think they are so cute and get suckered into buying them, and then they just all pile up in a drawer and I never touch them.  I'm trying to not do that anymore.  But I saw the Speed Short in the same print for a pretty reasonable price ($75ish including shipping) on ebay so my itching fingers pulled the trigger... lol.  I just really like this print!  I'm not interested in any other Seawheeze items from any other year.  I think 2013 had the best prints.  Plus I do wear shorts sometimes!  Not to the gym, but out and about.

These Speed Shorts are tight fitting!  I got them in my normal size 4.  I think it's because 1) they are 2 way stretch, not 4 way.  And 2) my butt really is getting bigger from all the heavy glute work I've been doing so I think I may have to size up in shorts now!  So that's kind of a disappointment.  =(  They are just a bit too tight for my liking, and they kind of bunch up as I move around.  May have to resell these or trade for a size 6.  We'll see.

These are the ones from Seawheeze, with the mermaid logo.  Not the ones from Australia that they sold after the race which had normal Lulu logo.

The inner lining is a fun print too!

Lastly, this is something I've been searching for for a LONG time.  The Competition jacket, from like 2009 or 2010!  I actually bought this jacket when it was in stores, but I returned it because I thought it was too expensive at the time.  I think it was $128, which is considered "normal" by current Lulu pricing standards.  But back then, their prices were definitely lower on average and jackets were priced below $100 for the most part.  I very hesitantly returned it though - I thought the fit of the jacket was spot on, and it was super flattering.  I was hoping it would go on sale but it just sold out really fast lol.  So I've been searching on ebay for years!!  I think most people probably don't know what it's called so they were not listed under "competition jacket".  Anyway, this was the first time I had seen it on ebay.  It was listed as "lululemon jacket" but I happened to see the picture when I was browsing, so I bought it right away!  It was only $50 shipped too!  Much better than $128 + tax lol.  Though if I had known how long I would have to wait for it, I'd just paid the price.

The jacket is black with senorita pink stripes.  It's a very different style from what Lululemon makes now.  It's like an old school Adidas track suit style jacket lol.  A much more flattering version though.  But this was when Lululemon focused more on "athletic wear" instead of this "athleisure" trend.  Anyway, this is a size 4.

I find it interesting how different the older jackets were made.  I tend to sell my older things (with exception of very few items) so I forget about these details.  But here is a close up of the jacket, and Lululemon just doesn't make things with this kind of detail anymore.

The placement of the ruching around the pockets make this jacket very flattering around the waist I think.  The pockets also have pink zippers, but they are hidden by the black flap thingy:

Ruching on the sleeves all over the forearms as well:

There's a double banded hem:

Flattering seams on the side and back:

Here's a better picture of the seams on the back where it creates flattering lines for your figure:

It just seems like a lot more thought was put into the design and construction of the jacket back then.  The material is also old school luon which is nice and thick.  I forgot how different it felt!

I'm so happy to have this jacket finally.  It also seems like the jacket was never worn or something.  But it is in perfect condition, with no pilling or anything at all.  So it's really as good as I could have hoped!

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