Tuesday, November 19, 2013

C. Luce Moto Jacket

I was going to post about this C. Luce moto jacket I got last week when I posted about my Zobha Biker jacket.  I even took pictures of this jacket at the same time.  But I forgot to write about it... LOL!  Well... here it is now!  I got it from ideeli.  I was drawn to the (faux) croc skin details on the shoulders, collars, and sleeves.  It makes the jacket a little different from just a black moto jacket.  I think it looks kind of urban and edgy, perhaps even a little bit trashy... which I actually like... lol.

The jacket is pretty thin, like a thin blazer material.  The gold zippers in person look more obvious than the web photos, which is why I say it may have a bit of a trashy look.  But sometimes I like ghetto gold.  It's fun.  I'm totally with Carrie Bradshaw on this.  Remember the episode of Sex and the City where she finds the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with a gold band in Aiden's bag... and threw up?  Lol.  Turned out Miranda helped him pick it out.  Miranda: "But you wear gold jewelry."  Carrie:  "Yeah, like ghetto gold for fun.  But this is my engagement ring!"

The zipper on this jacket definitely qualifies as ghetto gold.  Even more so with these Lulu Tech Mesh tights.  Hehehe.  

What's up with the side hem of the jacket though?  I totally didn't see it coming.  This "shark bite" hem is a little weird.  You can't really see it from the frontal view when it's unzipped, but it looks super weird if I zip it up.  I would never wear it zipped up though, so I think I could live with this.

This jacket is actually not that cheap.  I paid $80 bucks for it.  I kind of love it though.  I have many jackets, but what has been missing is actually a black jacket that I can wear with practically any bottom.  So, I will be finding uses for this!  It would be great for a fun night out I think.

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  1. You look amazing! Jacket looks great on you too~

  2. I am loving those leggings on you. Wishing I had snatched those up! Love your blog. You seem like such a nice person!


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