Thursday, June 25, 2015

Splits59 Sample Sale!

I went to the Splits59 sample sale (click on link to their facebook page for address and time) today in Marina Del Rey.  They will be holding it tomorrow too so if you are in the area, you should stop by!  Luckily they added me to the VIP shopping list so I was able to shop before it was open to the general public.  I came out with a pretty great haul!  It's a little surprising since I haven't really been that into their designs in the last year or so, and I didn't expect to find as many items as I did.

I went to their sample sale about a year and a half ago.  It is held in the same space this time - their head quarters.  It's a relatively small area, and they just have bins sorted by size and item type.  I took a picture of the space - compared to some of the large sample sales I've been to (like the Splendid/Ella Moss one I just posted about), it was pretty small.

I remember last time I went, it became a little messy with people throwing items into wrong bins.  But since I showed up pretty much right when they opened today, it was very organized and easy to find things!  The prices today were a little higher than last time, but I thought the selection was better.  There were actually lots of bottoms today whereas they didn't really have any last time.  Today's price ranged from $5 - $30.  The items were tagged by color based on their condition.  Some items have damages, so you could get them for $5.  The mint condition ones were $30.  But most of the damaged items were not *really* damaged.  So you could end up with some really good deals.  I had hoped to see the updated Devon tanks, but I think since that style is so popular, they didn't have any.  I also hoped for more colors of the Ashby tanks but I couldn't find many I liked in my size.

My best find today is perhaps the Kym Noir Tight that had some parts of the logo peeled off so they were $5!  They are no longer being sold online, but Jessica Alba has them.  =)

These tights look so good in person!  I actually asked if they had a pair that was not damaged but they only had 2 damaged pairs.  The other ones were damaged way worse than mine.  I figured the missing logo is not really a big deal anyway so I happily got them for $5!  I can just peel off the rest of the logo and I'll be good to go:

So these are size XS - I have found that since Splits59 started making their items in China, I have to re-think all my sizing choices.  They now all seem to run a size smaller than the made in USA items.  So for their tights, I'd prefer size S.  However, in this case I took what I could get.  

There are metallic as well as mesh stripes on these tights.  They seriously look way cool in person - kind of hard to capture on pictures though!  But here are close up details, I like that both legs are not matchy-matchy:

Wide waistband with hidden pocket - the size XS is a bit tight on my waist.  But not so bad that it's cutting in terribly:


There's actually a matching tank!  It's still online too at full price of $76.  I think I paid $25 for it today.  There's nothing wrong with it at all.  It is the Sabrina Noir Performance Singlette.  I love it for $25, but $76 (+tax) is pretty steep.  It's hard for me to justify any workout singlet for that price.  I got size S:

There is mesh on the racerback:

Red rubber logo:

I also got another pair of Nova Trailblazer capri - I have been wanting the navy ones for a while and was glad to see them there!  I got them in size XS as well, because that was the only non-damaged pair - so I paid $30 for them.  But now I'm kind of kicking myself in the butt because there was a pair in size S in the "damaged" bin for only $5 and there were no damages as far as I could tell.  They just didn't look as crisp as the new ones.  But size S would have been a better choice - argh!  These are much tighter than my other Nova capris in the same size.  I do love the colors though... so pretty.

I only got 2 pairs of tights, and the rest are all tanks.  They had tons of long sleeves but it's been so hot here lately that I didn't feel like buying any long sleeve.  I bought a bunch of Sabrina tanks, now that I think about it.  Aside from the Sabrina Noir shown above, I got 4 more!  I believe they were all $15-25 each and they are all in mint condition.

The first one is actually a sample they made, which never went into mass production.  So it's one of a kind!  It's a size M.  But I love loose fitting tanks nowadays and I don't even think it's that loose.  So I'm happy with the size.  It's got charcoal on the front, with ivory and dark blue on the back and metallic rose gold panels on the side.  I love the colors!

The color combo that did go into production is actually not too different - it is charcoal on the front, with white and cosmic blue on the back, and silver panels on the sides.  I got it too, and I also got it in size M.  It's on sale on Gilt right now for $29, which is almost the same as the sample sale price!

The cosmic blue on the back is lighter and brighter than the blue on the first tank:

The last Sabrina tank I got is from their Prismatic collection.  I believe the colors are tidal blue and camillia.  It's no longer on their website and I can't find it on sale anywhere else.  I love this combo of saturated blue and pink, with mesh inserts.  The size is S in this one.

The last Sabrina tank I got is the Sabrina Fighter tank which came out last year during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Size S as well.

Another tank I got that I really like and cannot find it for sale anywhere else is the Celeste tank.  It's got the black and white combo that I've been so into lately lol.  Size S.

Love the peekaboo back!

The black rectangle design on the front is made of mesh:

 Then, I got the Ashley Raven ombre tank in wisteria.  I love ombre and I can never have enough Ashby tanks!  This one is size S as well:

I actually got another Ashby tank in white.  Just because the white one I already have is one of my favorites that I wear all the time.  So I wanted a second one/ back up.  But I didn't take pics of it because it's just white and boring.  =)

Ok, the last item I got is the Tone Racerback.  It's in a deep royal blue color.  I'm not sure what the color is called.  But I love this shade of blue.  Same as my experience with other Splits59 items, I find the Tone Racerback fits me better now in size S rather than XS.  So this is a size S.

That's everything I bought!  My purchase ended up being about $200 which is great for all these things.  Though now that I'm looking at my receipt, they seemed to have charged me twice for the Nova Trailblazer tights.  Those were the most expensive item!  So I guess I paid $60 for them.  =(  Maybe I'll contact them and see what they can do.  But sample sales are usually final sale and it's hard to prove that I'm telling the truth.  I should have checked right then and there.  Might have to eat this one.  =/  Still can't be too upset about spending $200 on all these things though.  Normally that gets you 2 things from Splits lol.

Anyway, hope you can make it tomorrow if you live in the area!  Don't forget to check your receipt either!


  1. Wow, the noir stuff is awesome! Also, thanks for all the sizing info and tips about how sizing has changed. I haven't bought any Splits59 for about a year, but it sounds like any future purchases should be a size up!

  2. Nice haul! SUPER jealous of the kym noirs. I wanted them when they were out, but full price was way out of the question at the time. (So if you decide they're too small to be comfortable, I'm your girl, lol.) I just got the same navy novas off Hautelook last week. They're gorgeous! Not perfectly opaque on me but pretty good, and I only paid $40 so I'm willing to deal with it, lol. Also, I hope they fix the double charge on the novas, that sucks!!!

  3. If you ever want to sell your Kym Noir Tights let me know! By the time I discovered them they were sold out of xs! I couldn't find them anywhere :'(


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