Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Omg when is this holiday season going to be over??  I love the atmosphere and all the good retail deals.  But it is sooo bad for the diet!  There are just too many occasions that require quite a bit of calorie splurging.  It's not even Christmas yet!  This week I went to dinner at the Bazaar, which is a very nice restaurant at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  It's tapas style and the bill tends to add up very very quickly if you want more variety.  I'd say it's fair to expect to spend $300 for 2 people there.  I kept ordering (the waiter was so happy with me) and there are still about 10 dishes I'd like to try!  I already have a reservation to go back next month lol.  I got some very interesting stuff though, and took pictures of course!  I'm like one of those really annoying people that is constantly taking pictures of their food, for no reason.

So there's octopus in ink, yellowtail carpaccio, japanese taco, beef cheek, rabbit, philly cheesesteak on puffy air bread, etc. and desserts in the middle.  Yum yum.  That's all I can say.

My work also had Christmas party for people with kids (not fair, how about a party for people without kids?) this week.  So everybody brought their kids in, there were Santas and cartoon characters too.  I benefitted by eating like 5 gigantic chocolate covered strawberries.  Sigh.

Yesterday I splurged on really yummy sushi for dinner, then today I went to have high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Oh that was good stuff, but of course all sugary, desserty type, with very little protein.  I got a 3 tier tray of scones, little sandwiches, and other bite sized desserts.  I didn't even take a picture of it because I didn't want evidence lol.  Or, maybe I wolfed it all down and was like... oops I forgot to take a picture.  :)  Then I had lots of good Korean food for dinner... this has got to stop!

Luckily I only have 2 dinner plans next week.  I think I'll just be REALLY good on the other days!

It is nice to be out right now though.  There are people everywhere, and everything looks so festive.  I went to two of the most touristy areas in LA this weekend - Hollywood and Highland (where the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Kodak Theater are) yesterday , and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills today.  Here's the Christmas tree at Hollywood/Highland.

It was snowing on Rodeo Drive!  I couldn't believe it, they had some kind of snow machine on top of buildings or something, because it was real snow that was falling on me.  It's funny, because it was in the high 70s today.  It's hard to see in this photo though, because it was snowing rather lightly lol.

Anyways... I did get all my workouts in this week though.  So I can feel good about that.  =P

Monday 12/16
What I did:  Lower body weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

Splits59 Vail cutout pullover and to and from... I love this thing!

Tuesday 12/17
What I did:  Shoulder/tri workout.

What I wore:  Lija Fuse Approach tank with Lululemon Free to Be bra in laceoflage under it.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in dusk, and Nike Frees in gray/crimson.

Here's my dinner outfit - I thought I'd pair something on the casual side with something more dressy and fun.  So I wore my new Express Slub Knit Two Pocket shirt in white, with Sequin Embellished mini skirt, some black tights with subtle floral print, and Vince Camuto Jiris sandals.  This way I didn't feel too dressed up.

I wore my trusted SYLK jacket.  Balanciaga City bag since it goes with absolutely everything I have.

Wednesday 12/18
What I did:  Back and biceps followed by 30 mintues of cardio.

What I wore:  Lululemon Ebb to Street tank in heathered plum, with Dhanurasana crop in white denim and Nike Free shoes in gray/crimson again.

Alo Sport LS Flow top as to and from:

I actually wore this top to work on the same day lol.  It kind of borderlines as something that can be worn to work so I thought I'd push it.  I wore it with Express Wide Waistband Editor pant and Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps.

Thursday 12/19 - Rest day

Friday 12/20
What I did:  Lower body weights again, then cardio.

What I wore:  I couldn't wait to tear the tags off and wear my new Lululemon Pace crop!  I was told they look like a baseball with the parallel stripes edging design... LOL!  I think that's cute and don't mind at all.  I wore the Beyond Yoga Elastic Sweep tank with Lorna Jane Clover bra under it.  This is probably my favorite sports bra design ever.  Nike Free Bionic shoes.

Splits59 Pose Fx racerback pullover as to and from.  I love how the back of this pullover matches the tank/bra under it so well.  I get a lot of pleasure out of these things lol.

Saturday 12/21
What I did:  I did my last weight workout of the week, which is upper body supersets.  Then 30 minute cardio session again.

What I wore:  I was so happy with this outfit since it was so bright lol.  I wore the Lorna Jane Kayla tank with Lululemon Free To Be bra in spry blue under.  Lululemon Run Empower crop in coal/passion, and Reebok Crossfit shoes.  The shoes and spry blue bra are actually a perfect match!

I love that this Lorna Jane tank has the exact same back as my Lulu Free to Be bras:

Another thing that made me really happy is that this Splits59 colorblock double collar jacket I got from the sample sale for 5 bucks goes really well with the Empower crops!  The gray colorblock is almost the same color as the wee stripe in the crops.  Made me so happy.  Plus, the jacket is just so freaking cute!

So I had mentioned on my last post about the Express sale, that I had bought some stuff online on Thursday, fully expecting to receive them after Christmas.  But the package was actually delivered on Saturday!  I couldn't believe it.  Usually I order from Express and they don't even ship it out until 2 days later, then it takes about a week for me to receive my package.  I know for a fact I didn't pay for expedited shipping, so they probably just did it because it's right before Christmas.  I received the camo leggings (love!) and the reversible denim/camo mini skirt I mentioned ordering.  I'll write more about them later, but I couldn't wait to wear the denim skirt!  I love camo!!  I wore it with nude and white Splits59 Ashby tanks, Zobha Biker jacket over, gray tights and Ash Orchid boot.

Sunday 12/20
What I did:  I went to the USC track & field stadium this morning with my friend Dawn, and I actually did my stadium stairs workout there!  So for 20 minutes, I run, jump, and run sideways up and down these stairs.  It gets my heart rate going after about 30 seconds.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in ocean stripe mellow lemon, spry blue Free to Be bra again (good thing I did laundry yesterday!), Inspire Crop in deep zinfandel and Reebok shoes again.

I wore the Swiftly LS in aquamarine/beach blanket blue over because I thought it was going to be cold.  But it was bright, sunny and warm!  So I didn't need it at all.

I took a panoramic of the stadium, and it turned out pretty cool!  There's Dawn!  She's wearing Lululemon Mod Moves crop in groovy stripe nimbus!  We have many twin workout outfits lol.

Here are some pictures Dawn took of me in action... lol... I look so dorky!

After that, I came home, took a shower and went to afternoon tea.  I actually really like the idea of afternoon tea, because I like tea!  I hate the dainty tea cups they use though.  I wish I could find a place that uses regular tea cups and serves healthy high protein snacks.  Lol.  I do know there's a place in LA that has a gentlemen's tea menu which includes sliders and things like that.  

Anyways, I wore the Sharagano Zip-Front sleeveless dress and my BCBG Faricia sandals for the first time.  They are so pretty!  I don't know why I never wore them till today.  I wore my SYLK jacket again, and as usual, Balanciaga bag.

Here's my more casual dinner outfit - Splits59 Viper Dismount pullover with 7 For All Mankind laser plaid coated skinny jean and Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps.  I think I wear this pullover like 3 times a week now.  I love it so much!!  I also constantly forget that I own these 7 jeans, but I love them every time I wear them.  They are so different looking!  Who doesn't want some plaid pleather jeggings lol.  For 10 bucks, what a great deal!

Ok, wow, that was a lot of pictures to post.  It's almost midnight and way past my bed time!  So goodnight everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. I am sort ready to be done with the holidays... we had multiple work parties, family obligations, church plays and parties...

    The pace crops are cute. I just got the striped run day crops and I was really pleased with how the litter felt.

    1. I haven't tried the run day crops yet. Maybe Lulu is starting to make nice stuff again... dare we dream? Lol

  2. I got my first nova capri and omg...its like full length tights on me.

    1. Lol... they are quite long on me as well. A good inch or more longer than Lulu's wunder under crops. What I do is I kind of bunch them a little throughout the leg. That way it's not noticeable and they are a little shorter. I think the older Nova capris were shorter though. I wish they would have kept the old length. I suppose I could hem them... but that's too much work for me. :)


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