Thursday, December 12, 2013

Latest Alo/Bella Sample Sale Items!

I went to the Alo Sport/Bella sample sale on Sunday.  It's ongoing until next weekend actually.  So you can still make it there if you live in the LA area.  I bought only a few items since I just got a whoooole lot at the Splits59 sample sale a couple days prior.  One thing they had this time that they didn't have at the last sample sale I went to was tights/crops.  They had a few different styles of them too.  I didn't get any though, since I have so many workout tights already that I can barely fit them in my dressers.  So I only got some tops.  Another thing different from the last sale was an addition of the brand Bella Luxx.  I bought a Bella Luxx maxi dress on Gilt in the summer, and I didn't make the connection that Bella Luxx was the higher end label of Bella.  It's like a lifestyle type of brand, casual luxury type of stuff.  Similar to Splendid or Ella Moss.  At that kind of price point as well.  At the sample sale, the Bella Luxx items with retail price above $59 were selling for $18.  So, not as cheap as the $3-7 price range of Alo/Bella items, but definitely a lot cheaper than retail still.

I got one thing from Bella Luxx brand, which I actually really really love.  It's a very thing black top with pockets.  It retailed for $69 so it cost me $18.  I didn't think I would like it as much as I actually do.  It's perfect for work, as well as casual wear.  I love pieces like that.  It's also suuuuper comfy.  The material is 90% micro modal and 10% silk.  The cut is very nice as well.  I got it in size S.  It's hard to show how nice it is on pictures, unfortunately, but here it is:

Close up:

The other Bella Luxx items they had were mostly casual tops and dresses.  I wasn't in the mood to buy any dresses or tops, probably because it was so cold in the warehouse!  So this was the only thing I bought.

I bought this Alo Sport LS Flow top for $7, in a lavender color called aster.  I almost didn't buy it, but I'm glad I did.  It's made of soft bamboo material.  It's pretty thin, and I can wear it casually on weekends and maybe even to work some time.  I really like the color.  They only had this top in size XS or M.  I went with XS and it's actually not too tight.

Oh this is funny.  Remember how I bought this cowl neck LS in powder pink at their last sample sale?  Well, I sold it a couple months ago because I never wore it.  But then the past couple weeks I actually thought: how nice would it be if I had that top still??  So, I saw it again at the sale on Sunday and bought it back!  Haha!  Same size too - S.  I think I could get away with wearing it to work some time as well, maybe on a Friday.  It's very very soft, such a lovely material.

I also got this Bella top, which only cost me 4 bucks.  It doesn't even have a size sticker but I think it is probably a M.  But I bought it to wear around at home, so baggier is fine.  I really like the burnout kind of look.  I actually have been wearing it at home almost everyday since I bought it.  Wearing it right now!

The other Bella item I bought, which I really like, is the sweat pants.  I bought them to lounge around the house as well.  They are very comfy.  They had black, white and red.  I would have loved red ones, but they didn't have my size anymore, so I went with white since I already have black sweat pants.  They are quite long.  Here they are on me with my wedge sneakers on.  Size S.

I just noticed how much my veins were popping on my arm when I took this close up pic lol.  I had just had my workout but it wasn't even upper body!

As I was waiting in the short line to check out, I saw this little tank that grabbed my attention.  So I bought it too.  It was only $5 anyway.  It's an Alo Sport tank and the name on the tag says "Strppy Pltd Tunic".  Size S.  I like it a lot.  I could totally wear it with shorts in the summer!

So, that's all!  Not too much damage done and got some great stuff!  I actually think I am now set for a while!

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