Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 Mini Skirts & 3 Tanks from Express!

I joined the Express reward program "NEXT" a few months ago, and they sent me a $40 credit for my birthday that was good for the whole month!  I didn't even know they would do that, but it's pretty awesome.  It's good in store and online as well.  I waited all month because I meant to stop by the store, but I didn't get to it before August was over so I resorted to ordering online.  Funny because I work really close to a store and could totally walk over at lunch.  But I'm lazy!  Oh well, it worked out because I ended up ordering when they had 40% off everything for Labor Day so I bought even more than I originally wanted to lol.

So I bought 2 mini skirts that I've been eyeing on their website forever!  The Sequin Embellished Mini Skirt and the Studded Mini Skirt.

The sequined skirt retails for $59 and the studded skirt is $49.  So with 40% off, I got them for $35 and $29.  Not bad at all!  I got both in size XS.  They are both made of stretchy knit material.  Kind of like yoga pants lol.  So they don't have zippers or anything and you just pull them on.  XS is kind of large fitting actually.  They are definitely not tight.  So if you are smaller than me, you probably won't be able to wear these skirts since XS is the smallest size they are offered.

The sequined skirt has a tribal look, which is not something I normally wear but I like it with the sequins.  I am a little torn though, because I'm not sure where I'd wear this skirt to lol.  It's a fun skirt to wear if I still went clubbing but those days are far behind me.  But I do like it.  Here it is with both a black tank (see below, same order) and a white tank (Express Rhinestone Stripe tank I got last weekend) - I think both works but black is better:

Here's what it looks like from the side and back:

And a close up:

The studded mini skirt is actually different from what I expected.  One of the reviewers on the Express site mentioned this too, but the studs are in silver and copper colors which look way more obvious in person than on pictures.  I tried taking a picture myself but the colors look way more similar on my picture as well so I am not able to capture the true difference.  I don't mind it at all though.  I actually think this one is definitely a keeper.  

Here it is with the same 2 black and white tanks:

By the way, this skirt matches my BCBG Peacock pumps perfectly!  I can't even believe it lol.  The studs are the same colors too!  It's quite exciting.

Anyway, here's the side and back of the skirt:

Here are my close up photos:

As shown above, I got this Pearl and Rhinestone Embellished Shirtail Tank in black, which I love! It was only $17, down from $29.  I'm totally keeping it.  It feels soft and the length is perfect.  I got size XS.

Here's a closer up one on me:

I think this shirt will actually be very versatile.  It's simple but has a little embellishment around the neck so it can be dressed up a little.  

I got another ivory tank - the Sequin Stripe Seamed Tank.  The color is soft ivory and it looks pretty much white.  I also got it in size XS but I think it's a little short.  I wish it was like an inch longer, like how it fits the model.  I think I might take it to the store and see if I can exchange for a size up.

On me, the size XS is loose fitting, but I think it looks a little boxy.  Hopefully size S will be better.  I got it for $23 so it's one of the expensive items lol.  I would like it to fit right.

I love it though, here's a close up:  it's got white and silver sequins and would be such a versatile top that matches everything too!

The last tank I got I think may also have the same issue.  It is the Stud and Rhinestone Stud Embellished Shirttail Tank.  I also got it in size XS but it's a little short.  Also, a couple reviews on the Express website for this tank says that rhinestones fell off very fast.  It was more expensive as well - I paid $29 for it.  I don't want 30 bucks to go down the drain if it's just going to fall off after 1 wear.

On me, also wish it was an inch longer:

And here's the close up of the details:

I love the studded look, it makes items look a bit more edgy.  I also think all 3 of these tank styles are very easily matched with any bottom.  Skirts, jeans, in pretty much any color.  Can be dressed up or down.  Prices are very reasonable too!  I definitely need more pieces like these in my wardrobe.

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