Monday, September 9, 2013

7 For All Mankind Blue Laser Plaid Coated Skinny Jeans

I went to the 7 for all mankind sample sale on Saturday at their warehouse in Vernon.  It was outside in their parking lot in like 100 degree heat!  Lol.  Here's the women's side:

The men's side was the same size on the opposite side.  I didn't take a picture of it.

I did not spend long there at all.  The selection was actually kind of crappy I thought, and price wasn't that great for things that you'd want.  The sale was pretty organized though.  All the racks were organized by size and similar items are grouped together so it was pretty quick to go through them.  

Their short sleeve shirts were $20, long sleeve shirts were $30, and jeans were $55.  That is a lot less than what they retail for, of course, and even half of what you could get on flash sale sites.  But still not cheap enough to scoop up a bunch.  They didn't have any shorts or skirts, which was what I primarily went there for.  They did, however, have items that had been "green tagged", which were only $10 a piece!  I saw nothing wrong or damaged about them.  I think that most of them were just plain old ugly and they needed to get rid of them.  They were like velvet red skinny jeans, or pleather looking metallic colored skinny jeans in not so attractive colors.  The only "regular" looking jeans they had were very light wash with distressing.  I didn't feel like spending $55 on those.  Maybe I arrived too late and all the good stuff sold out - they opened at 7 am and I got there at around 3 pm lol.  They did say they were going to update inventory throughout the day though... Anyway, I got out of there with 1 pair of green tagged skinny pants for $10, and that was all.  

They didn't allow anyone to try on anything and had lots of security guards to make sure you didn't break this rule.  They wouldn't even allow you to put a shirt on top of your existing shirts.  So you better know your size or be really good at eyeballing.  I grabbed a size 27 in the pants I got.  I normally wear size 26-27 in jeans.  I figured that since they were the skinny style, going up with the larger of the 2 sizes was the safer choice.  I wasn't too sure about them at first, but after I got home and put them on, I found that they actually fit perfectly and I think I like them!  Especially for $10... you really can't lose there.

They are dark blue, with laser plaid print painted on and they are coated so they look kind of leathery.  The tag says due to the special washing technique they used, no 2 pairs were alike.  They are a little "out there", but not too bad at all.  I like plaid.

Here's a close up of the print:

So they are a little long on me, but I don't mind scrunching them up a little on the bottom.  They do feel quite thick and hot so definitely a cooler weather item.  I used to buy a lot of designer jeans, but I haven't in a long time (since I started buying expensive workout/weekend clothes lol) and forgot about how comfy 7 jeans were!  They really feel great on.

Here is the back pocket:

And I like that the logo is inconspicuous and kind of blends in with the rest of the pants:

$10 for these is pretty good huh??  Lol.  I think their bottoms retail for almost $200 at minimum, and I see them on discount sites for like $90 sometimes but never for $10!  So I consider this one a pretty decent score and I won't feel that bad about it if I don't end up wearing them too often. 


  1. Very cute! I love all of my 7 for all mankind jeans! They hold their shape so well! PS...thanks for the Gixen info! I got a great deal on a mellow yellow ocean stripe crb today while I was working!

  2. Hey - just wanted to say that I love your blog and I look forward to reading your Sunday Funday update every week! I think we have pretty similar taste in work-out clothes (and Lulu!) and I love it when you show your work outfits. I work in the financial services industry, too, and I find it so, so hard to get excited about my work clothes the same way I do work-out clothes :-) Can you please share some of your favorite brands/sites/stores?
    Thank you!

    1. Haha I don't get excited about work clothes either! I get a lot of my work stuff from Express. Definitely a fan of their editor wide waistband pants which are pretty comfy, fit well, don't wrinkle and pretty decently priced. Their portofino shirts are great for work as well and come in a bunch of different colors. They pair well with skirts or pants. I also shop on flash sale sites for work clothes sometimes but it's kind of hit or miss since you can't try stuff on. I like Tahari ASL and Calvin Klein as well. I'm definitely not as willing to spend when it comes to work clothes as workout clothes... Hahaha


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