Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ash Orchid Boot - Love!

I recently bought another pair of boots from Gilt!  Haha... well, I think these will be the last pair I buy in a while!  I had added these Ash Orchid Boots to my wait list and they suddenly became available!  I've been wanting a cute pair of black wedge boots that are not too high and these fit the bill perfectly.  Gilt was selling them for $199 and since I had made some returns, I had Gilt credit and only had to pay $30.  I know it's still my money but it made me feel better lol.  Although they were still on my wait list and when I went back to look at my list I noticed that the price had gone down to $149.  So I e-mailed Gilt and they credited me $50 right away!  Now that's service I like.  Hehe.

These look long on the photos, and they are - the shaft is 19.5 inches high.  They do go over the knee.  But you can also fold the top down a bit so that they are below the knee.  They are super cute either way.  

The description said that they are made of suede, but they sure don't look like suede to me.  Maybe a special treatment of suede?  I haven't seen it before.  They just look like matted leather.  Whatevs, I like it.  I do think its a little weird that the toes are shinier than the rest of the boots, but it's not that noticeable so I can live with it.  Plus they will probably fade when I wear them more.

The width of these, according to the description, is 16 inches.  But I really don't think they are either!  They are pretty tight, I haven't measured them myself, but I have boots that are 15 inches wide that feel looser.  Though the material is thicker in these boots since they are lined as well so maybe that's why.  These are actually the tightest boots I own.  I can wear tights under them, but I have not tried jeans yet.  I have to say though, it's really nice to not have to pull them up constantly like I usually do with my other boots so maybe this is the way to go.  There's a lot of room in the ankle area as well, the style is just how I like them! 

The wedge is 3.5 inches high, and the sole could be softer and more comfortable.  But I walked a few blocks, stood with them on on the train, and wore them all day while at work and they were fine.  I like that I can wear them to work with skirts as well!  Overall I think it's a great purchase that I can get lots of use out of.


  1. Thanks for posting about these - I thought you looked soooo cute in these boots and your sweater dress that I had to go out an find myself a pair of these too! I love them! Thanks again, I love reading your clothing reviews!

    1. Omg so awesome!!! I'm glad you got them and love them too! They are quickly become my favorite. That's great that you were still able to find them.


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