Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Lorna Jane Tank - Kayla!

I bought a new Lorna Jane tank on ebay and it's soooo pretty!  It was listed as "Kayla Excel Tank", but I cannot find it when I search online under that name.  So it may or may not be the name.  It must have come out before I knew about Lorna Jane, because I've never seen it before - I would have bought it already if I did!

I love Lorna Jane's open back tanks, like my Macy Excel tank, or the Inspire Excel tank.  They are awesome to workout in.  So this was a no brainer.  It only cost me $19 too.  It is made of 2 different materials - the front half is a heavier and more cottony feel, and the back is my favorite honeycomb mesh!  It's super soft and drapes great.  The size of this tank is XS, and it does fit on the tight side.  My preferred Lorna Jane tank size is S.  But it's not like I had a choice!  So it works.  =)

I'm wearing the Lorna Jane Pammy bra under it here:

But of course I realized that the straps on the back of this tank matches my favorite Lululemon bra exactly!  The Free To Be bra.  So here it is with the laceoflage Free To Be under:

I think either bra works under this tank though, as the bra doesn't need to match the tank exactly.

Here are some closer up shots:

 This is where the two materials meet:

Here are the pictures from the ebay listing, they look like they are screen shots from Lorna Jane's website and catelogue.  The first 2 are very small/bad quality though.  But I do wish this tank was a size small so the back can drape more, like it does on this pic:

This one looks like it's from the catelogue:

Anyways, I think this tank is super cute!  I actually really like everything I've got at Lorna Jane so far.  Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that they have such a stupid return policy that keeps me from buying more!

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