Friday, December 27, 2013

Two New Lorna Jane Bras! Sunrise Bra & Paladium Bra!

I went to Lorna Jane today to exchange my Miranda tank for something else.  I had that tank for about a month now and haven't felt the urge to take off the tag and wear it.  So I figured that meant I wasn't too crazy about it.  It has passed the two week return/exchange period, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.  They said I could exchange it for anything else.  Woohoo!  I got two more bras... I just couldn't help it!  I love their bras.  I could have gotten way more stuff too, since they have some very cute things in store right now.  But I had to stop myself from buying so much workout clothes all the time...

The Sunrise Bra I got in pale fluro orange is so pretty!  I could always use a bra in orange/coral type of color.  Since I have 2 pairs of shoes that have orange in them, it's very easy to match.  This Sunrise bra has the same mesh overlay as the Portia bra that Lorna Jane sent me to review a while ago.  I love how the mesh looks, especially under burnout or other semi-sheer tanks.  The Sunrise bra has a more interesting back design though.  I love it!  I got it in size S, which seems to be a good fit.

I'm actually wondering if I could layer this bra and the Portia bra!  The Portia bra fits on the loose side, so maybe I can take the padding out and then wear it over this one!  Gotta play with it later...

And this is how it looks on:

The Paladium bra in sparkle yves blue is super pretty, because... well it sparkles!  I normally would not have gotten a bra in a color I already own (Duo bra in yves blue), but couldn't resist this one.  Besides, I wear the Duo bra all the time because I find the color to go with everything.  Also, I have nothing that sparkles!!!  This bra is also from the LJ Black line, which I find to be superior to their LJ Classic line but same price.  So that's how I justified buying it.  :)

This one runs super small though.  I normally wear S or XS in Lorna Jane bras, but I tried on the S and it was super tight.  Ended up going with size M.

Here it is on me:

The back straps are satin:

I am much happier with these two bras than the Miranda tank.  So I'm glad I was able to exchange it out.  I still ended up spending about $100 bucks after tax though, after taking into account the return of the Miranda tank.  That's a lot of money for two sports bras.  I wish Lorna Jane was cheaper!  I'd buy a lot more of their bras if they were.... say... $45 a piece, vs. $65.  Oh well... now I only buy the super unique designs so it probably saves me money in the long run!

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