Friday, December 20, 2013

Express Sale!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I made an order at Express which took forever to get shipped to me.  One of the items I ordered was this Color Block Stretch Cotton pencil skirt, which was just terrible.  It is so long on me (I'm 5'5) that I could wear it as a tube dress.  I should have taken a picture lol.  But it was so bad that I wanted to get it off right away.  It looks way cute on the model though.  Oh well.

So I went to return the skirt at the store yesterday, but of course picked up a bunch of other stuff!  Dammit, that wasn't supposed to happen.  But oh well.  They were cheap.  However, Express just started 50% off every single item in store and online today!  Why did I buy a bunch of stuff yesterday?!  Ugh.  I might go see if I can get price adjustment.

So I picked up another mini skirt, at 50% off yesterday.  You know, I love Express mini skirts.  I find them to fit really well and the styles are very nice.  One of my favorites is the leather quilted mini skirt.  Since I bought that skirt, they have come out with a few more that are the same style but different fabrics.  I always liked this plaid print, so when I saw that it was 50% off, I bought it right away, without trying it on because I'm lazy.  The Zippered Boucle Plaid Mini Skirt - $24.95 - great price!

So the only size on the smaller end that the store had in this skirt was a size 2, so that is what I got, even though my leather one is size 0.  I tried it on after I got home.  At first I thought it would be totally fine since I don't need it to be tight anyway.  But I think either the seams are made really badly, or it's just too big around the hips for me, because it puckers on both sides and does not lay flat.  I don't like it.  The waist fits well though.  So I might go to another store this weekend and see if I can find it in a size 0 to try on (or maybe a different size 2 that is made better?).  Otherwise I think I might have to return it.  :(

Close up:

The only other item I bought online during Thanksgiving weekend was this Slub Knit Two Pocket shirt, which I got in true white.  I really love it!  I might even love it more than the Portofino shirts, which is saying a lot!  I like it better because it's made of cotton/modal and is very soft and comfy.  It feels like wearing a t-shirt!  I can wear it to work or with jeans.  It's easier than the Portofino shirt to throw on, because the length is shorter than the Portofino, which means I don't have to tuck it into my pants or skirts if I don't want to.  I find tucking shirts in to be a nuisance, since I drink a lot of water lol.  So I'm literally having to repeat it like 5 times a day while I'm at work.  PIA.  Also, the sleeves on this shirt are 3/4 length, which is nice to wear to work since I am on my computer all day at work and I don't like the inner sleeves of my shirts to be rubbing against the desk in front of the keyboard.  Totally neurotic of me.

I got it in size XS.  Here it is on me.  Not sure if you can tell, but this shirt is slightly see-through.  I am wearing a bright colored bra under it.

Since I loved this shirt a lot, I decided to get 2 more.  Only $17 each now, so why not.  Even the full price of $34 for these shirts is very reasonable I think.  I got one in bright salmon, and another one that is actually the Striped version of it, in light gray and white stripes.  I got these two both in size XS as well, but the striped one fits noticeably looser than the salmon one.  The salmon one is also a lot brighter in person than online.  I like it better actually.

I think this is pretty true to how the color looks in person:

 Here's the striped one:

Not sure if you can really tell on these pictures, but it's definitely looser fitting...

I might seriously consider getting another one of these shirts.  Maybe in black.

Ok, this next item I got is so great, I highly recommend it lol.  It's the Metallic Pointelle Knit Layering tee.  I paid full price for it, which is $29.  But it's only $14 now!  I think I'll go return it and then buy it right back.  I don't know why it's classified as a "tee", because it looks and feels like a thin sweater to me.  I think the color I got is soft ivory.  But it looks like a really light gray/silver to me in person.  The material has sheen.

This is also size XS.  Looked very small when it was hanging up, but it is not tight on.  I really like the fit and feel of this top.

It's like a mesh overlay though, so you definitely have to wear a tank under.  I think it would look awesome with bright colored tanks under it.  But I am just wearing white here:

I'm seriously, buy it right now.

The last item I got at the store was this lace tank that I cannot find online.  So I don't know the name of it.  It was 50% off, and regular price was $49 so it was $24ish.  It is kind of weird though.  They only had size XS and M left, so I went with the XS.  I think I might like it better in a S.  I'll have to go and see if I can find one at another store to try on.  Otherwise I'll save my money and return it.  It just fits kind of weird and unflattering, and the front cross-over part dips very low so you have to wear a tank under it.  I think the lace over looks very nice and well-made in this tank, too bad it makes me look fat lol.


Anyways, I am really itching to get to the store and see what else they have!  50% off everything really is a great deal.  I actually bought more things online already but they won't get here till next week.  Check this out... I got these camo leggings and they are only $17!  I've never tried Express leggings, I wonder if I can wear them to workout in?  That'd be awesome.  I would hem them into crops if that is the case.

I also got this reversible denim mini skirt that's on sale now!  It reverses between light denim and camo!  Omg I love it.  I love that both sides have pockets on the back.

How awesome is that?  I hope this one fits, can't wait to get it!

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  1. Great reviews & product details! I tried on that lace halter too and wouldn't post the pictures because like you noticed, it gapes WIDE open (and I didn't have a cami). On the model online it doesn't look like that at all, so they must have pinned her top. A couple of the mini skirts this season are stiffer material and I noticed the same thing...they have kind of poochy sides rather than a tailored fit. But if you return that one try the zippered marled boucle mini. It's stretchier and fit my hips better and conforms to the sides with no pooching. :) Anyway, loved this post!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I went to the store today and didn't see that skirt though. I think they are all sold out. So I actually returned the skirt anyway, because I just can't get over the puckering. I did splurge and buy other things today though... lol... I love this 50% off deal.

  2. What size did you get in the camo leggings? I love those! If there are any left I want to order a pair, but I am unsure what size to go with.

    1. I got size XS... my package actually got delivered today! I was so surprised because usually it takes at least a week. But they must have sent it expedited for Christmas, even though I didn't pay for that. So I already got the camo leggings!! They are pretty great and they fit well. You should totally get them. $17 really is a great great deal.

  3. well I went with the xs.. Hoping it fits! From your posts I know we wear around the same size in lulu, but I always get nervous ordering something without trying it on. I am always too lazy to drag my ass to the store to return it :)


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