Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saturday Shopping Trip! Express & Forever21

I had mentioned earlier that I went to Express on Saturday to check out what they had.  My order from last Thursday actually arrived on Saturday right before I headed out to the store!  That was convenient lol.  I ended up loving what I ordered though, so no need to return.  I also picked up a few more things, since everything in the store was (and still is for the next couple days) 50% off!

I had ordered the camouflage sexy stretch leggings online:

They arrived and I was happy to find that they fit!  I ordered size XS.  It actually fits on the loose side.  I had never tried on Express leggings before, but I was hoping that the camo leggings could pass for workout tights lol.  Well, they are on the thin side for sure, and there's obviously no compression.  But I think they totally could work for my upper body weights days.  I wouldn't want to wear them doing any squats for sure, due to the thinness.  But they are 17 bucks, so I can't complain.  The waist goes very very high, but it's thin so it's not especially flattering on the love handle area.  They are also quite long and bunch a little at the ankle.  I don't mind that at all though.

Not too flattering here... but whatever, tops will cover it:

This is how high they go on the back:

Looks much better with a shirt over:

 This is how long they are... very similar to Lululemon Wunder Under pants:

They are actually quite slimming for the legs, and flattering on the lady part area lol.  No camel toe whatsoever, even though there's no gusset.  

While I was at the store though, I saw these pleather looking Mesh Inset Scuba Leggings, and I picked them up.  They were only $25.  They are much thicker than the camo ones, and very much opaque.  I got them in the same size, XS, and they fit tighter for sure.  But the store didn't have size S left.  

I thought these would be fun to wear some time!  Not often, probably.  Here they are on me:

These are more flattering around the waist since they are tighter:

They look great with boots over:

After I got home, I went online and saw that Express actually carries a version of the Scuba Legging without mesh.  I think I like them better and will probably exchange for them instead.

One of my favorite purchases of the day was this Crochet Trim Tee.  The color the store had was stone, but they also come in powder and black.  This is super cute!  Only $25 but the lace doesn't look cheap at all.  I love the V-back as well.  It runs a little tight, I could probably get away with a S.  But they only had XS so that is what I got.  Still fits fine.

Here I am wearing it with the pleather leggings... I love the combo of lace and leather!  It combines a very soft and feminine piece with something edgy, I love the contrast.

Btw, I didn't get a boob job... I got a really nice bra from Victoria's Secret... LOL!  It's the add 2 cups very sexy push-up bra, in red limited edition lace.

My other online order was the Reversible Denim Mini Skirt for only $23.  But it's even cheaper now since even sale items are 50% off!  I highly recommend it.  It's so cute, and reverses to camo!!  I got it in size 0, it fits perfectly.  Not tight, which is what I want since it's a casual skirt.  No need to be a hooch.

Here are both sides on me:


In case you were wondering, there are pockets on both sides and they are real too!  You just flip them depending on which side you are wearing.

Tuck it in...

And the zipper pull can go around to either side as well... very clever!

Another skirt I got at the store is for work - the High Waist Pintucked Pencil Skirt in heather gray.  Spent 30 bucks on this.  I love Express pencil skirts for work, they are super comfy!  They rarely go on sale.  Well... when they do, my size is usually sold out.  So I don't mind spending a little more on it.  I also don't have any pencil skirts in light gray.  It's a good neutral color to have since it will go with everything.

I got it in size 2, which seems to be my size in their pencil skirts.  I wear size 0 in casual skirts/bottoms, and size 0 in Editor pants.  I guess the pencil skirts run small.  It's always hard to order these online since I never know what size to order.

I also picked up a marled v-neck sweater at the last minute as I was about to pay for stuff.  I got it in purple, and it is a size small.  It fits loosely.  I love the light purple color and the burnout looking texture on it.  I could also use a v-neck sweater to work or anywhere else.

It looks a little darker in person, but excuse the red bra under which kind of shows through.  :)

 So the last thing I got on Saturday was this Femme Lace Mini skirt from Forever21.  It was $7.  Lol.  I see that it comes in tons of different colors online, but the store I was at only had black and blush, which is the one I got.  I actually walked into Forever21 because I saw this skirt through the door.  There used to be a time I shopped at Forever21 but I can't remember the last time I went in there.  This skirt actually seems to be made very well though!  $7 is unbelievable!  It fits very cute too, but definitely form fitting.  I got a size small without trying it on.  I'm sure a size up would have fit as well.  But it's not the style that should fit too loosely I think.


Those are the model photos from their website.  The blush color definitely looks more blown out than it looks in person.  I think it looks more like a pinkish nude in person.  Here it is on me:

I would have liked this skirt in black if I didn't already have so many black skirts already.  But maybe I should have picked up both for that price!  =P  I am actually quite happy with this, and will definitely be thinking of ways to pair it.

That's it for now!  I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve, if you celebrate it!  I just went out to dinner since I did not want to cook.  I think I'll start fasting after this week... LOL!  Goodnight!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the white lace top, scuba leggings and to-die-for boots outfit! Any chance you could share the designer of the boots, too?

    1. Thank you Hathor. :) The boots are made by the brand Ash. They are called "Orchid". I got them a couple years ago though. It might be hard to find them now...


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