Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday again!  I am sitting here half alive because I did a double workout today and kind of killed myself!  Hehe.  I was annoyed that I only got to the gym 4 times this week.  I meant to go more often, but well.. maybe this is TMI, but the time of the month started earlier this week and I had the worst cramps!  I count myself as lucky because I normally do not get any cramps at all.  But once in a couple years, it just comes out of nowhere and I guess this was one of those times!  For you ladies who get it every month, I don't know how you do it but I feel for you!  It's the worst.  I could barely stand up straight, so the gym was obviously out of the picture.  Today was the end of my week and I had 2 workouts left, so I thought what the heck, just do them back to back!  So, that led me to my current state of being half alive.  =)

I've been fairly good with my food this week though!  I barely recovered from my vacation damage last week, so I knew that if I ate badly during this dreaded time of the month, I'd blow up like a fish.  I even went to an outdoor movie in Pasadena last night (The Goonies!) where there was an abundance of yummy food trucks, and I managed to make healthier choices too!  It's always so hard to do with all the good food around.  I am really liking LA's food truck culture.  I don't know about other cities, but tons of gourmet food trucks started popping up all over the place here in the past 5 years or so.  I love it.  The food is always good and creative, and there's tons of variety.

I took some pictures from last night's outdoor movie - it was fun!  It was at the Pasadena City Hall which is very pretty.  I actually hadn't been back there since I went there to take my engagement pictures 3 years ago.  It kind of made me ponder the past a little.  I know I didn't talk about my marriage and subsequent divorce on here much, partly because I didn't want him to read it or use it against me in any way.  A girl's gotta be careful, you know?!  But now that all is said and done, I strongly believe it was the right decision to get out of it.  When I think back on it, I just get this depressed feeling, like having a dark cloud over my head.  I still think he is a nice, decent guy, but in a lot of ways he was dragging me down.  Having a partner who is able to bring the best out of you is a big deal, and I just didn't have that in him.  My only regret about that whole situation is going through with it to begin with.  Now I have to say that I'm divorced.  But, that's a small price to pay for a much happier life!  I'm actually quite annoyed that those pictures went to waste though.  I like them!  I wish I could cut the guy out of them... lol!

I don't know why I digress so much.  I guess it's kind of interesting looking back and wondering how different life was just a short couple years ago.  But anyways, I went to the movie there last night with my bf, one of my good friends and her bf.  The only thing we didn't count on was that we were going to be sitting on cement as opposed to grass.  So we didn't bring cushy enough blankets and our butts paid the price by the end of the night.  I took some pictures there - lots of people showed up and brought their dogs!  It was cool, and the weather is so nice in Pasadena when it is like 10 pm and 80 degrees still.  Of course, that means it's unbearably hot during the day, which is why I never go to that part of town.

Ok, getting back on track.. here are this week's workouts and outfits!

Monday 9/8 - Rest day.  But this is what I wore to work - Pleione faux wrap blouse in ivory, which I love!  With Express studio stretch tweed corset pencil skirt and B by Brian Atwood Bambola pump in patent gray.

Tuesday 9/9
What I did:  Lower body, followed by 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

Wednesday 9/10 - Forced to stay home and cry day lol.

Thursday 9/11
What I did:  Cramps got much better, so I went and did my shoulder/tri workout, followed by 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lululemon Swiftly tank in very green, with free to be bra in laceoflage under.  Lulu Lab Perennial Tight and Nike Free 3.0 in gray/crimson.

As to and from, I wore the Nike Dri Fit Epic Crew in bright magenta:

Friday 9/12
What I did:  Glute/Back/Bi workout.  It was soooo hot and sweat was pouring down my face the whole time so I didn't feel like I had to do cardio too.

Lululemon Principle jacket as to and from - the bold blue of the jacket is quite a good match to the Lorna Jane Quick Step bra!

Saturday 9/13 - Rest day, I was so tired for some reason!  Slept like 12 hours and took a mid day nap too lol.

Sunday 9/14
What I did:  Today was the double workout day!  Lower body workout, followed by upper body supersets.  I'm one cardio session short for the week, but I don't really care about cardio too much.

What I wore:  Splits59 Devon tank in twilight with Lorna Jane Lustre bra in sparkle fluro orange under (this bra bleeds!  I always pair it with dark tanks).  Lululemon Inspire crop in savasana camo fatigue green, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in hyper cobalt/bright mango.

Roxy Daybreak LS as to and from:

And that concludes this week!  I actually gotta run and get ready for yummy sushi dinner for my friend's belated birthday!  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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  1. Love your outfits and the outdoor movie looks awesome (I never would've thought it would be on concrete either!)


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