Friday, September 19, 2014

More Pleione Blouses & Theory Skirt!

I had returned a couple of my Pleione Split Neck blouses from my last order, and got a size up in the same prints along with 2 more Pleione faux wrap blouses and another Theory Golda 2 skirt!

The Pleione Split Neck blouses I got are in digital print coral and scattered dot blue.  I had ordered them in size XS last time and they had some weird puckering going on around the neckline.  So I ordered size S this time and they do fit much better.  I'm going to keep both!

This top is much longer in the back than the front.  Here's what it looks like untucked:

Not bad from the front:

Way too long from the back when untucked - I could never wear it like this:

The side view shows the difference in lengths between the front and the back:

By the way, I can't tell you how awesome the Theory Golda 2 Skirt is.  I have it in black when I got it along with the matching jacket.  I'm afraid to wear it a lot though!  I rarely have the need to wear the jacket, and I don't want to wear the skirt alone too much in case it fades and I can't wear it as a suit anymore.  I don't know if that would happen but I'm paranoid lol.  So I bought the same skirt in charcoal which I plan to wear a lot!  It was on sale for $134 as opposed to regular price of $200, so I got really tempted.  I just think the fit is so flattering, I love the two slits on the back and it's very comfortable to wear!  Theory does know all about suiting!

I also saw that the Pleione Faux Wrap blouse got restocked in black/ivory plaid and cream/black/cobalt print, so I went ahead and got both too!  I just love this blouse a lot.  I got both in size XS.  I had bought one of these blouses in small and one in XS last time at Nordstrom, but I've discovered since then that I like the fit of XS slightly better which is why I went with XS for these two new ones.  

I now have 4 of these blouses!  They are so easy to wear, I just love them.  I'm glad this order worked out for me really well!  I should be set on work clothes for a while!  =)

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  1. Love your new pieces. I especially like the faux wrap blouses. I went to the link and it definitely looks way better on you than model. And I love the skirt. :-)


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