Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Prettiest Nike Shoes!!!

So I bought the Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in fusion pink/atomic mango about a week ago, and I love them so much that I already bought a second pair right away!  The print I bought is called Black/Hyper Cobalt/Bright Mango/White, and I actually had to be patient to get them.  They've been sold out at Footlocker for weeks now.  I even contacted them asking if/when they were going to get a restock and was told it would be last Friday - they lied.  But last week Sports Authority got a shipment of them, and Nike.com replenished as well so they are now available in all sizes!  I got them from Sports Authority because I found some coupon code.  =)  They arrived yesterday, and they are every bit as pretty as I had imagined!!!

I think their photo is pretty true to how the shoes look in person:

This time I got these shoes in size 6 (the pink pair are 6.5) and I think it is a better size for me.  I don't really have an issue with the size 6.5 either, it's just that they look a little long to me in the toe area.  The size 6 is a perfect fit, but maybe not with thicker socks.  I don't have very thick socks though, so that's not really a consideration for me.  If I were to get a 3rd pair of these shoes, I'd go with the size 6 again.

I seriously love the colors and print of these shoes.  The blue to orange gradient on the sole is a nice touch.  Nike is seriously stepping up their game.  I already have these colors in a different pair of Nike shoes and I don't really need a new pair of shoes for the gym.  But I just couldn't help getting them anyways!  Lol.

I wore them for my leg workout this morning already too.  They were great!  I have only good things to say about these shoes.  They provide just the right mix of stability and cushion for me.  I can do all my lower body exercises, plyo work and cardio in them.  And they are gorgeous!  So they pretty much hit every requirement that I have!

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  1. These look so nice.

    I finally got a pair of nike free cross trainers for cross training, walking, and just generally running around. They are so comfortable. I ordered up a size and they are a little long but otherwise fine.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great reviews, your blog is so helpful and I love the great print on these! I've just started working out regularly again, mainly cardio and circuits classes, and my running shoes are way too heavy and bulky. I'm torn between the Cross Bionics and TR Fit 4s, but which would you recommend? I can only stretch to one pair at the moment. Thanks so much, Maria :)

    1. I think the TR Fit 4s are definitely better for circuit type of workouts where you might be required to jump around a lot. They have a lot more cushioning than the Bionics. The Bionics are better for lifting (like squats) because they have a hard sole. I tried doing a cardio type of class in them once and my feet were sore the next day lol. I think the TR Fit 4s are more versatile in that sense - I don't have any problems wearing them doing lower body weight training either!

    2. Thank you! TR Fit 4s it is then! I meant to say in my first comment - you're such an incredible inspiration, thank you for sharing your journey!

    3. Aww thank you! Let me know how you like those shoes. =)


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