Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Funday with Some Engagement Pics!

We picked up our finished engagement pictures today.  Hooray!  I think we got some really good ones.  A lot of the ones we picked for the photographer to do final touches on out of hundreds of pictures that we took actually don't even show us up close.  Could have been anybody in the pictures.  Haha.  I guess we just liked the more "artsy" shots that capture more of the architecture.  Here are some of my favorites:

I bought a Livingsocial deal a long time ago from a local photo print shop to make an album of any photos for $10.  It's been like 6 months and I was going to find some great travel pictures or something, but now I think I'm going to use it to print out the engagement photos.  Much cheaper than paying the photographer!  Hehe.

After we picked up the engagement photos today, we stopped by downtown LA's flower market.  Seriously this place is a dream.  The area itself is ghetto downtown style, but there are tons of wholesale flower shops that make beautiful arrangements for any occasion at very very low prices.  You can get really cute baskets of flower arrangements for about $10 a basket.  I think I'm going to get a bunch for my wedding and drive them up to Tahoe.  The bigger, 2-3 feet tall flower arrangements are like $30, which at a regular flower shop would cost hundreds.  I just went there to check out the scene and also pick up some cheap flowers for home.  They are like $10 for 3 bundles of mixed beautiful flowers.  Lol.  So awesome!  Places like this make me kind of wish I was having my wedding in LA.  I could have such beautiful flowers for a few hundred bucks.  But I think up in Tahoe, the location is already so natural and beautiful that it doesn't need that much decorations.  I wouldn't want it to look forced.  Plus, my fiance's mom's best friend is very into making table top decorations and whatnot for weddings, so we are letting her do everything!  She actually thanked us for letting her do it.  She's making a lot of different things based on what we told her we liked, then we will pick out what we like best for her to work on.  Really can't complain about that...

Right by the flower district, there is also a HUGE arts and crafts store, called Michaels - Moskatels & Crafts.  A small part of the store is Michaels, which is why it has the name.  But most of it is just basically anything and everything you can imagine in a Costco sized warehouse that takes up the whole block.  It's like Michaels on steroids.  I went there for some wedding invitation ideas, but actually walked out with a bunch of silk flowers for me to attempt the bouquet.  Hehe.  I sure hope it works out.  I'm going for a rustic natural look.  I *think* it will come out well, but who knows.  If it doesn't, I'll just buy a bouquet from someone on etsy.  There's still time now to mess around with it a bit!  Here are the flowers I bought:

I will attempt to make them work together by cutting and arranging.  I plan to use the more colorful flowers as accent colors that pop here and there.  But mostly it will be neutral colors I think.  I also got tons of floral wire and a glue gun.  It is on!

Alright, now onto my workouts and exercise for the week.  Hmmm... I have been bad with pictures this week, actually forgot to take pictures 2 days.  And one of the days I did remember to take pictures, I already posted it.  Oh well.  I shall be better next week.

Monday 6/6:
What I did:  Ran for 45 minutes, then mat pilates for 30 minutes.

What I woreLululemon white No Limit tank, and groove pants.  Sorry no pics.  Lame I know.

Tuesday 6/7:
What I did:  Yoga 

What I woreLululemon Let It Loose tank, and coal groove pants.  I wore my new Splendid wrap as to/from.

Wednesday 6/8:  Rest day

Thursday 6/9:  Planned to run but went to happy hour with coworkers instead.  Lol.  This is why I miss working out in the mornings - no excuses!!!  Need to stop doing this so I can get to top notch shape by wedding date.

Friday 6/10:  Planned to work out, but had to go try on wedding dresses.  Ended up buying THE dress, so it was worth it!

Saturday 6/11:
What I did:  Trail run through the Hollywood Hills for about 3 miles, with very nice views of multi-million dollar mansions I might add.  I signed up for the Malibu half marathon which will be in November.  I can do the distance, but the first 7 miles is relatively flat and the last 6 miles are a steep climb.  I need to get my butt in shape so I can smoke it.  I have been doing a lot of hill runs on the treadmill for the past year or so, but the trail is a whole different story.  Plus I didn't realize that I needed to actually train for running DOWNhill too!  My butt is actually sore from all the downhill running rather than up.  Omg, what goes up must come down, duh how silly of me.

What I woreLululemon Run:Inspire pullover - it was chilly but not THAT chilly - I was so hot after about 5 minutes but I only wore a bra underneath so taking it off wasn't an option.  I wore the Run: Team Spirit crop.  Again, forgot to take pics.  Oops!

Sunday 6/12:
What I did:  A while ago I bought a Livingsocial deal from Pilates Plus for like $45 for 5 classes.  I have gone to their Malibu location before, and I would love to buy a 10 pack or something.  But these classes cost $35 per class at regular price, which is way too much in my opinion.  $20 is the most I'd pay for a class.  I'm cheap.  Lol.  The class today was great though!  It had been quite a while since I've done reformer pilates.  It seriously kicked my butt!  Literally!  After yesterday's run and today's ordeal, my butt cheeks are so sore, it hurts to walk!  I think my legs and stomach will also be quite sore tomorrow.  Pilates always gets me.

What I woreLululemon electric orange cool racerback with bright blue Flow Y bra under.  Groove pants, and my new Abercrombie Quinn shirt I just got.  The electric orange color once again blew out my iphone camera.  Ugh.  It never comes out right.  It's a solid color but for some reason shows as a pink faded color.  Whatever!  I like how it kind of shows through underneath the Abercrombie top though.  Oh yeah, I also wore my grippy black Method sock.

Alright, it has been a long week!  And much strides towards wedding planning.  Hopefully things will continue to fall in place in that regard.  I also need to get out there and do a lot more trail runs!  Geez.. next time I need to go the opposite direction too, because the hills are slanted to one direction so I ended up using my right side a lot more than my left side.  I'm going to be nursing my sore butt for a couple days.  Lol.


  1. I have been to the flower district in LA, it is indeed ghetto but has some of the most beautiful flowers!

    Gorgeous Engagement photos, you should be very pleased with how they turned out.

  2. What a beautiful couple!!! Those pictures are very inspiring! If I ever get married, I hope I can find places like that to take pics :)

  3. Your dress in the pics is lovely! That's not your wedding dress?

  4. Thanks guys! And no it's not my wedding dress. It's a dress that my photographer's studio had given me to take photos in. I returned it right after we were done! It's the La Sposa Felicia dress. =)

  5. You look so great in that dress...


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