Saturday, September 6, 2014

Latest Gilt Order

I was pretty happy with my Gold Hawk dress that I bought for my birthday, so I decided to get a couple more items from this brand.  The style seems to be the flowy, ethereal type, which I appreciate from time to time.  So I got the Modern Deco tank in slate, and Silk Chiffon Sequin Pleated Blouse in misty blue.  They are both $79 on Gilt, which is not all that cheap, but apparently they retailed for $195 and $253.

First, the Modern Deco tank - I really really like it!  Slate is a very pretty color that will go with everything.  It is a size small and I think it's a good size.  Definitely shouldn't be any smaller.  It is also quite a long tank - it covers the bum completely!  I think it would look cute with tights or skirts.  The all over beading in the front looks a little fancy, but the top is very comfortable on.  So you kind of get the best of both worlds!

Here it is on me:

The detail of the beading is actually visually slimming I think.  You get this vertical design that ends in an upside down "V" shape, which accentuates the waistline.  

The rest of it is not as dense, and it is semi-sheer.  

The silk chiffon top is a little strange though.  I might have made a mistake by ordering a size XS in it as well.  It just looks huge on the pictures!  And the body does fit huge, but the arms are very very tight.  I also didn't realize based on the online pictures that the design is kind of funky.  I'm not sure what to do with these ties on the side.

Oh yeah, the inner layer is actually completely separate tank.  It's long and is very soft and comfy.  I kind of like it more by itself than with the top over!  But I'm not going to keep a $79 tank.

So I wasn't sure if I was supposed to tie the top in the front or the back.  I tried the front - it looks really weird.  So I think it's meant to be tied in the back.  I think it also looks weird though!  Just less weird than tying in the front lol.  I just don't know what the point of the ties is.

This is how it looks in the front with it tied in the back:

Here's how it looks close up.  It's actually very fragile.  I'm afraid the silk would rip from the weight of these little metal plates.

Aside from the kind of weird design, the tightness of the arms really really bothers me and I'm not going to keep this top just based on this reason alone.  It literally cuts off my circulation, not to mention looks really bad.

Oh well, I think I can do better with my $79.  So it's going back!  I'm glad I got one top I really like though.

I also bought a tag-on item, which basically means I picked it up at the last minute since it was so cheap.  It is the Jack by BB Dakota Jaminson Mesh Stripe Jersey Tank in color pop red.  It was only $15!  It's actually pretty cute!

I got this top in size S and I like the more relaxed fit in this style.  Because of the completely mesh back, I think if it was any tighter, it would start to resemble a street walker lol.  I do love the mesh for the summer though!  This tank would look really cute with shorts!  I also wonder if I can wear it to workout in.  

This is how sheer it is:

Here's a close up of the front:

It's a fun top!  The weather is generally so warm where I live, that this is very appealing!  I also love the gorgeous true red color, which I don't wear enough of!  Hehe.

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!  I also got the 30 day free shipping thing from Gilt (it was only like $2 more than paying for the one time shipping), so I'll be swapping out the silk chiffon top for something else better, hopefully!

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