Thursday, July 3, 2014

Outlet Trip =)

I went to the Camarillo outlet last Sunday, which is about a 45 minute drive from LA.  I didn't really have very high expectations, and just wanted to go look around.  But I actually bought some things that I'm really happy about!  For pretty good prices too of course.  So I'm very happy I went.  Might have to go more regularly!

I am super stoked about this whole outfit I bought - Splendid shirt at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and white Joe's Jeans in honey skinny booty fit.

I've been looking for a pair of white skinny jeans forever!  I had an Abercrombie pair, which I accidentally washed with other colors and they got dyed green lol.  Ever since then, I had tried on many different brands/styles, and just didn't find the right pair.  I even tried on 5 different pairs at the Joe's store and these were by far the best!  I've actually had a pair of Joe's jeans in honey cut for years now, and I always found them to be super cute and comfy.  I think this cut just really works for me.  It's meant for a curvy figure, which I am not really.  But what works works, I do not question it.  =)  I think the difference is that the back is higher and just makes your butt look better!  They also don't slide down like lower rise jeans tend to do.  

Another thing I really like about these jeans is that the bottom is not super tight fitting.  They are like a skinny fit until below the calves, then they become more of a skinny straight leg cut.  I think it looks more flattering that way.  

These were $99 at the outlet.  I would gladly pay that for different colors in the same style!  These are the best skinny jeans I've ever tried on!  I wore them all day today and they were amazingly comfy.  Can't say enough good things about them.

So the back rise is higher than the front.  I took these pictures before I took the tag off!  As you can see, I got them in size 26.  I usually wear size 26-27 depending on how the brands run.  My other pair of Joe's jeans is size 26 as well, so I think this brand runs a little on the large side.

Here's the slightly looser ankle fit:

I also really love the Splendid shirt I got!  I love this brand and I don't buy enough of it!  I got it from Last Call, but they actually have a Splendid/Ella Moss store at the outlet.  I just didn't find anything I really wanted there.  Last Call was having a great deal too, something like 40% off on top of the discounted price.  So this shirt was around $40, which is pretty much as low as it gets when it comes to Splendid.  

I like the white/navy combo a lot, and I can easily wear this shirt to work or as a casual weekend shirt.  It's soft and comfortable, like Splendid items tend to be.  I got it in size S, which is what I normally wear in Splendid sizing.

The sleeves are convertible so you have the option to leave them down, or roll them up and secure with a button:

Ok, the next outfit I bought is exactly the same brands and color combo!  I got a navy Splendid tank from Last Call and a pair of white cut off fringe shorts from Joe's Jeans!

All shorts were on sale for $49 at the Joe's store, which I thought was a pretty great deal since they are usually at least $80.  I've also been wanting a pair of white denim shorts for a while!  The last pair I got from Zara was pretty cute but I returned them because the fit just wasn't perfect and a size up was even worse.  These Joe's shorts are soooo much better!  I like that the inseam is slightly longer as well because I do not want booty shorts.  

I got these in size 27 because I figured shorts shouldn't fit too tight.  I would not have wanted a size down.

The Splendid tank is actually contains sheer stripes which is a bit different.  It's made of linen blend, and it was only $15!  I love the color and the style is so easy to wear.  Definitely a good summer staple to have.

Lastly, the find that made me SUPER stoked was the Under Armour Achieve tanks!  I own 2 of these tanks, one in white and one in bright yellow.  I think these are some of my favorite tanks ever!  And of course when I decided that I wanted them in ALL colors, they were sold out everywhere.  I even went to the Gilroy outlet a few months ago and specifically looked for them and they weren't there.  I had already given up hope of finding more a long time ago, but they were the first things I saw at the Under Armour store this time!  And they were 2 for $30!

So I bought one in pink and one in black.  I didn't try them on till I got home since I know my size was XS in the ones I already own.  But I think for some reason these two run a little smaller.  The XS is not tight, but I would have preferred a slightly looser fit so maybe size S would have been better.  Oh well, I don't think I'm going to make it back to the outlet any time soon to make an exchange, so I can live with the XS.

The outlet had the white and yellow one I already have.  I wish they had other colors that this tank came out in!  Like dark blue, purple, red, etc. etc. because I really would buy every single color!  Lol.  This tank is very versatile.  It's thin and works for pretty much any workout of your choice.  You can also wear it as a casual tank if you don't care too much about the logo showing.  I guess I should be happy with 4, but I just really want them all!

Anyway, I consider my outlet trip to be very very successful!  I will wear all of these items a lot!

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