Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lorna Jane Athletica Tank, Emille Jacket & Ella Bra!

I ordered a couple things from Lorna Jane last week since they were having a 20% off deal if you buy 2 or more items (I believe they are still running this deal).  I bought a new tank and jacket that I've been wanting.  Actually, my friend bought this jacket a couple months ago and I really liked it.  I even tried it on in the store once but talked myself out of buying it.  Then I kept thinking that I should have bought it!  So I did.  =)

The tank is a newer release item that I saw on one of Lorna Jane's social media posts - the Athletica S/Slv Tank.  The color is black/aquarium.  Unfortunately it's sold out online now.  But if you can still find it in a store near you, I highly recommend it!  When I bought it online, the only size that was left was size XS.  I typically prefer size S in Lorna Jane tops and bras.  But I thought I'd take a chance anyway because it's a very cool looking top!  Well it turns out to be a perfect fit!  It's actually not that tight fitting, but it's very flattering and the length is also good too.  I absolutely love this tank!

So the front and back of this tank have black mesh over baby blue, while the side panels are solid black.  It is very comfortable on and fits like a glove.  I think it can be worn casually as well as weight lifting in which is always a plus!

This is what the XS looks like on me:

I'm super happy with this tank, and I think it's one of my best purchases ever lol.

The jacket is the Emille Seamless Zip Through in nectarine.  I love this jacket because it is made of very comfy seamless material, the color is amazing, the fit is superb, and there is no visible logo anywhere on it at all (It does say Lorna Jane on the inside of the bottom band).  So it can really just be thrown on with any outfit, whether to the gym or not.

This jacket only comes in 2 sizes - XS/S, and M/L.  I got the XS/S.  Here's what it looks like on me:

If you want a super comfortable, lightweight and cute jacket in a gorgeous color, this would be it.  It's one of their lowest priced jackets too at $79.  I think it's a pretty good deal after my 20% off!  
I also got the Ella bra in watermelon, because they were having a flash sale for $33.  Now it is back up to normal price of $65.  I love orange, reds, corals, etc. for bra colors - they go with so many different colored tops and always add a pop of color!  

They only had size XS and XXS left when I ordered this bra though.  I know from past experience that XS is kind of tight for me.  But I got it anyway at that price.  I figure I could always take it to a store and exchange for a size up. 

The size XS is definitely too tight on me - I can't believe I was even able to squeeze into it for these photos lol.  I first held it up and was like... no way!!!  It looked SO small.  As you can see, I am totally falling out over the top in the front in this size:

The back is super tight too and gives me major back fat lol:

I'm definitely taking it to the store to see if I can exchange for a size S, or maybe even a size M.  I'll have to try and see which one works for me.  I do like the style though!  So I hope the stores near me will still have the size I need when I go.

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  1. I got the S for the Ella bra and it was perfect for me. I read the measurement chart and I think the M would have been too big for me, and you're much smaller than me! I'm a 32/33 D and the bra fit well. I'm on the smaller side of a D. The band was tight, but it didn't dig into my back like Lululemon bras do. (The Energy Bras make me look like I have back fat!) The small was on the tighter side, but I definitely think a size M would have been too big. This is why I wish we had LJ stores on the east coast. They're only on West Coast so I have to order everything online...and I'm too lazy to play the back and forth exchange game!

    I have a post from last week or so on my blog...I got the April and Ella Bras when they did the 2 for $100 promotion. I was so annoyed that the Ella bra went on flash sale! I would have definitely ordered a different bra if I knew that! (It does seem like they have been having some good promotions lately)

    There's a few photos on my blog so you can use my measurements. I'm a little bit on the taller side.....I wear a 4 in most tops and 6 in jackets/bras/bottoms.

    1. Yeah I think it's totally a sizing issue with the bra.. I always sized up to a 6 with Energy bras too. But then I decided I just don't like them anymore lol. LJ bras give much much better shape.

      Thanks for the tips! I will check out your posts. :)

  2. I just received Dash Excel tank in nectarine and Somersault bra in black. OMG, total love! I just ordered the Emille Seamless jacket in black and Feline bra in red using the 20% off coupon. Thank you for your reviews!

    1. Ohhh glad you like them! I think the Somersault is one of my favorites! The design and sparkles are both unique. :)

      I kind of want the black Emille jacket too lol! Argh. I need to not be tempted!


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