Friday, September 12, 2014

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale

I went to the Beyond Yoga sample sale today.  I have to say that I was pretty disappointed with this year's selection!  They had so much stuff last year in different styles, but this year was kind of sad.  It could be because I went around 11 am last year, but I didn't get there until about 3 pm this year so maybe all the goodies were gone.  The sale is today and tomorrow though.  Since today is still day 1, I thought they would have more things in stock.  They had like 3 things in my size!  Maybe they are holding out for tomorrow?  I don't know.  If you live in the LA area, their sample sale is at their corporate office in Culver City.  Parking is easy and free, so stop by if you are close!  I don't know if I would go out of my way for it though.

They have put racks of clothes in this hallway thing, organized by size.  Pretty much one size per small rack.  They also have things hanging up in one bigger room which has more technical items vs lifestyle pieces.  This is pretty much all of it:

Anyway, I was in and out in 20 minutes, and only bought 2 things.  I'm not entirely happy with them either.  But they were $20 each so at least I didn't pay too much.

I do love the style and comfortable fabric of this long sleeve tee I got, but one arm is way tighter than the other arm, particular in the forearm area.  It's weird!  Last time I checked, I don't have enormously larger left forearm.  The difference in tightness is definitely noticeable.  It's slightly uncomfortable on the tighter one and perfect in the less tight one.  The size of this top is actually XXS but it fits pretty loose.  I would have bought XS if they had it but XXS was the only one they had.

I like the piecing of the fabric on the bottom left triangular area where the stripes go a different direction.  Breaks it up a little.

I like the ribbed sleeves in a different color too.  I just wish the two arms were the same!  

I'm going to wear it around a little and see if it stretches out some.  Because I really like this top otherwise.

The second item I got was this simple racerback tank in color "coral fusion".  The fabric is exactly like the Elastic Sweep tank I got from last year's sample sale.  It's thin and feels very cool, silky and flowy.  I absolutely love this fabric!

This tank is a size S.  It's a little longer and bells out a bit much on the bottom than my liking.  But I would still wear it.  This style feels very easy and effortless.

I like the color also.  

I'm also slightly put off that they increased their price by $5 from last year.  The tanks were $15 last year, and $20 this year.  That is a 25% price increase in one year!  Way more than the rate of inflation (sorry I work in finance and therefore am a nerd lol).  Leggings were $20 last year, but $25 this year.  However I couldn't even buy one since they literally didn't have any in my size.  Long sleeve tops are $20 this year still which seems to be the best value.  For the same price as a tank, you get more material... hahaha.  I know these prices are still a lot better than retail so I'm not complaining per se.  It's just that... it's a sample sale, ya know?!

So yeah, my general feeling was meh.  But who knows, maybe if I had gone first thing when they opened this morning, I would have found more things.  If anyone plans to stop by tomorrow, good luck!  I hope they put out more items!

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