Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lorna Jane Quick Step Bra

I went to the Lorna Jane store on Saturday because I wanted to exchange the Ella bra that I got a while ago.  I found the back straps of that bra to be cutting in too much so I hadn't taken the tag off this whole time.  I thought at this point I probably would never wear it and so I decided to exchange for a different one.  I got the Quick Step bra in magnetic blue multi instead, and I like it much much better!  The royal blue is gorgeous, and the back straps are pink.  I like these two colors together.

The dark set of straps are black, I think.  Either black or really really dark navy that it's indistinguishable from black.  :)

The store only had size XS, M and L left in this bra.  I normally prefer size S in Lorna Jane bras.  But the size M in this bra actually fits well!  It's still rather supportive.  So maybe this is a style that fits on the tighter side.  I find the size M to fit very similar to, or even smaller than other LJ bras in size S that I own.  

Here it is on me:

The top two straps can be unclasped on the back as well to get a different style.

So I took the tags off this one real fast!  Already wore it this morning to workout in!  This bra has a LJ Black label, which supposedly denotes Lorna Jane Clarkson's favorite items.  I do find that the black label products are usually superior and this one is no exception.  

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  1. Hoping you can give me some advice - I noticed you wear your Lulu Empower crops somewhat regularly and saw a pair for sale. Can you tell me if these are cut and rise similar to any other Lulu crops? Embrace, WU, journey, run for fun, inspire or whatever? Any advice on cut/sizing is much appreciated, thanks for your blog! -vanessa

    1. The Empower crop is the predecessor of the Inspire crop. I like them better than Inspire crop, I wish I had bought more than one pair! They actually replaced them with Inspire crop right when I decided to get a second pair, and I was so upset that I boycotted the Inspire crop for years... lol! The fit/length is similar. Definitely true to size.

    2. great, thanks so much for the info! -vanessa

  2. Nice pick- love the navy and pink together :-)

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  4. Just wanna tell you I really enjoy reading your blog! And I purchased the split59 tight flare after seeing your wearing it and reading your review :) (sorry about the above. ..I wanted to edit my comment but ended up deleting it but my entry still shows. Oh well)


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