Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Alo Yoga Tops!

I bought 3 Alo Yoga tops and they arrived the next day!  It's great, because Alo is located in LA.  I went to their warehouse sale a few times where they had great prices for Alo Sport.  But I don't think they had the Alo Yoga line there.  I definitely think the Alo Yoga line has nicer designs!  Prices are very reasonable too compared to a lot of competitors.

I got the Exhale Long Sleeve top in two colors!  I actually first saw and fell in love with this top on Carbon38's website.  Carbon38 sells these tops for $54, while the Alo site sells them for $62.  But if you sign up for their email list you get 20% off which made them cheaper in the end.  So I ordered from their own website.  I have to say though, their pictures do not do these tops justice at all!  In fact, they almost deterred me from ordering.

Check out the awesome picture of this top on Carbon38's site:

Now look at these pictures from Alo's site - they look so short on the models, and the color looks kind of yucky:

Same as the black one on Carbon38's site:

And here's the picture on Alo's site:

Luckily, I noticed that the photo of the "volcano" color on Carbon38's site is modeled by my friend Christine!  LOL!  I had no idea she was a model for them!  I know that she's roughly the same height and built as me, and the top actually looks pretty long on her.  So I figured they would probably fit me similarly:

I like her leggings too:

I love how they styled her hair here:

Anyway, the Alo model must be like 6 feet tall.  I don't know how tall Christine is exactly, but I'm 5'5 and when I see her I feel like we're about the same height.  So, I think Alo is doing this top a great disservice, that is all.

When my package arrived yesterday, I was very happy to find that the top indeed fits me about the same as Christine!  I got the green color called "fresh" and the black one.  I guess I'm loving the contrasting sleeve colors lately - this is like my 3rd top in a week that has contrasting sleeves!  The other two are the Beyond Yoga Weekend Pullover, and the Free People Alpine Cuff Henley I just posted about.

This top is seamless so it kind of has the second skin fit.  It's pretty stretchy and on the thick side.  I think the quality looks to be really good!  It only comes in sizes S, M and L.  I got the S.

I just love the back!

Here's the fabric close up:

 The design on the cuffs:

It has thumb holes.  Smallest ever lol.  Surprisingly it does not feel uncomfortable like I thought it would:

Here's the black one - I would not normally buy two of the same style at the same time.  But I think because the black is solid black, it looks like a completely different top!  The green one is more eye catching and fun, while the black has more of a "cool" vibe.  Both necessary.  =)

Same fabric - hard to see details on black tops without blowing up the photo:

Same design on the sleeves too:

So while I was ordering from Alo with the 20% discount, I decided to also get this Cinder Long Sleeve Top in spectrum, which is a muted dark purple.  It looks a lot like my Hardtail sweatshirt.  But the material is much thinner and more appropriate for the weather in LA.  I love the Hardtail top, but I can never wear it because it's just too hot to wear 90% of the time, even in the "winter".

So when I ordered, they only had size XS and L left.  I thought it looked like it was a loose enough fit that I could go with the XS.  When I put it on after it arrived, I thought it was definitely loose enough.  I would have preferred slightly longer though, so maybe size S would have been better.  But I'm going to keep it!

It kind of has a dolman sleeve fit, ever so slightly:

The sleeve is ribbed material on the bottom.  This is the difference in material:

So, I'm happy to say that my first order from Alo Yoga is pretty successful!  I'm going to have to pay more attention if I go to their warehouse sale next time and see if they do have Alo Yoga items at the sale.  I see many cute tanks and long sleeve tops, a lot of them actually remind me of the style of Beyond Yoga.  I wonder if they kind of borrow each other's designs since both companies are both located in LA.  I'm not sure how the clothing industry works exactly, but I see same designs a lot among different brands at all kinds of price points.

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  1. Alo Goddess leggings are amazing. Def worth trying. Love the tops you got.

  2. If you went to a small on the purple top, it would be slipping off your shoulders; the xsmall looks perfect. Great buys!


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