Monday, September 15, 2014

Free People Alpine Knit Cuff Henley - Super Cute!

I ordered this Free People Alpine Knit Cuff Henley from Nordstrom last week on a whim, and I am totally in love with it!  I pretty much love everything about it - the fit, the color, the style, the cute cozy cuffs, etc. etc.  The price point is ok too ($68).  I figure since I've not been liking Lululemon lately, I have a lot of funds to allocate elsewhere because it's amazing how much more money you have when you get rid of your Lulu addiction!  =D  This henley comes in many color combos, but I got the crimson one.  It's a muted red color, very fall-appropriate, especially with the knitted cuffs!

I ordered a size S, and it is a comfortable fit.  I think if you like your clothes tighter fitting, you can order a size down.  I like the fit of the size S though.  I don't have any tops from Free People.  I hope it holds up well and does not stretch out.  It's got 5% spandex in the fabric content, so I'm hoping that means it will stay in shape.  We'll see!

Here it is on me... with shorts lol... it's been super hot here these days!  So hot that I can't even wear this top outside right now.  I can't wait till it cools down!

Here's the fabric close up.  

Here's the cute cuff close up:

Scalloped hem:


When I was ordering, I was debating between this crimson color, peacock green and royal blue.  I still think the other two are cute!  I also just remembered that one of my friends gave me a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday so I can totally use it towards another one lol.  I'm trying to be good and not get multiples of the same style though.  But I'm not sure if that's the smart thing to do or not - if you like something, you should get multiples or backups, right??

Here are the other two colors I like:

We'll see if I get itching fingers later and end up ordering them!  =)

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