Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lululemon Swiftly Racerback Very Green & Cool Racerback in Pinkalicious!

I wanted to buy the Lululemon Swiftly Racerback in very green online when it first came out, but they made it in short length instead of regular!  I hate short length tops!  It looked so short I didn't even want to try it on in the store when I saw it 3 times before today.  Well, today I had some time to kill in Beverly Hills while waiting for my pilates class to start, so I decided to try it on.  I actually tried it on in both size 4 (my normal size) and size 6.  I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the fit of the size 6 better!  Although the 4 wasn't too short at all on me.  I also compared the length of the 6 to the regular length swiftly racerback they had in store in size 4, and the 6 is only shorter by the hem but pretty much identical!  The short version size 4 is shorter than the short version of the size 6 by over an inch!  It's so strange.  But I don't want to waste too many brain cells thinking about it since it works out for me!  And the size 6 fits looser in the stomach area and has a bigger arm hole so your bra peeks out.  I like it better like this!  So now it's the same length as my other swiftly racerbacks in size 4!  =D

I have been resisting the cool racerback in pinkalicious, but dang... it's a pretty pink!  So I stopped resisting finally.  At first I thought it was too similar to pow pink which I already have.  But comparing side by side, they are actually not that similar.  I like this shade better because it reminds me of a brighter version of the old color "kiss" that I loved.  I also figured that I would actually sell the pow pink cool racerback anyway because I prefer that one in the swiftly racerback.  No need to have both.  I'm actually selling tons of stuff on ebay at the moment anyways.  So I don't even have to justify having the pinkalicious one.  Yay!

I tried taking comparison pictures of pow pink and pinkalicious, as well as pinkalicious to kiss and fruity tootie.  But for some reason they all look a lot more similar on pictures than in real life!  I couldn't get a good picture to come out, so I gave up.

I must say though, I am so excited to have a green top!  That is the color that's been missing in my workout wardrobe.  I used to have a teal zeal cool racerback but I sold it because I wanted a real green and I thought teal zeal was a bit on the teal side.  But very green is definitely... very green!  So I'm ripping the tags off that one now so I can wear it ASAP!

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