Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Few More Pleione Blouses

I am pretty happy with the 2 Pleione faux wrap blouses that I got from Nordstrom a couple weeks ago, so I decided to order a few more styles from this brand.  The first one I ordered is the Mixed Media Tunic.  It comes in a lot of different colors and has over 300 reviews on Nordstrom's site averaging almost 5 stars.  So I figured it was probably a safe bet!  I got it in this gorgeous forrest green color called Teal Deep.  I don't really think it looks teal though, but whatever.

I got this top in XS, and it is a very loose comfortable fit.  It's pretty long too.  It comes in petit and regular size.  I might be able to wear it in petit, since it seems to be an inch shorter.  But it is always better longer than shorter in my opinion.  

I already wore this top to work today!  I tucked it into my pants:

It's hard to tell on pictures, but the front and back of the shirt are two different types of material.  The front is 100% rayon, and the back is 95% rayon and 5% spandex.  The color on the front looks slightly less saturated than on the back.  

The front also seems to wrinkle quite easily, which kind of sucks.  I wore this shirt tucked in all day, and when I took these pictures after work, this is how wrinkled it looks on the bottom.  But you'll get an idea of the length it is on me:

The back doesn't really wrinkle.  I wish they had made the whole thing like it!

Oh well, I like the fit and the color though.  So I'm happy to keep it.  It's very comfy!

The next 3 tops I got were not so good.  I'm going to return/exchange all of them.  First I got these Split Neck Print blouses.  I got it in two colors - digital print coral and scattered dot blue:

Both look so adorable on the models!  I also got them in size XS, but I think they are too small.  Or maybe the fit is off.  I can't tell actually.  But I ordered both in size S again so we'll see how they fit when they arrive.  XS in the blue one is especially horrid on me.  Check out how it puckered on top, right around the top button:

It's also semi-sheer, which I don't mind since I can wear a cami under.  

A lot longer on the back than front:

The digital print coral color looks a little better on me.  Or maybe the print hides it better.  But I still think it's a bit too small in the upper chest/shoulders:

The coral color also looks a lot brighter in person than it does online.  I like both of the prints in this style.  I hope the size S will work for me.

The last shirt I got, I am returning because I kind of hate it.  It is the Textured Three Quarter Sleeve blouse, in color ruby:


The body of the shirt looks ok, but it is extremely sheer, and sleeves look so weird and puffy on me! 

I hate this sleeve:

I'm also not too crazy about the dot print all over the top, and the shoulder detail.

This one was on sale for $34.  Now I know why.  

Well, turns out the Faux Wrap blouses that I got is my favorite style after all!  When I went to order a size up in the split neck tops, I noticed that Nordstrom had restocked the faux wrap blouses with two sold out colors!  So I got them both.  I know I'll like them as long as they fit the same as the others that I already have.  They are really nice and easy to wear to work.  I can't wait to get them!  Hopefully they will arrive this week.

I will have to post an update when they get here!

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  1. I got the same ruby top in the mail a couple days ago and already sent it back! Lol. I also got the Bellatrix Double Layer Long Sleeve Blouse thst is pretty cute...the fabric is not as fabulous as I might like, but it is very flattering on for a flowy blouse.

    1. Lol too funny! I also returned it, and don't miss it at all. =)


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