Friday, September 26, 2014

Three Tops from Ruelala

I couldn't believe my eyes the other day when I saw this Robbi & Nikki lace inset top on Ruelala - I really liked it when I saw it on Nordstrom's site almost a year ago, I don't know why I didn't buy it but when I went back to get it later, it was sold out!  I actually had it pinned on my Pinterest "Want" board ever since!  I was so happy to see it for sale on Ruelala, and it was only $25!

This is the photo from Nordstrom which made me really want to get it initially... actually it makes me want to get the leather skirt too.  =P

It's amazing how pictures do sell.  The photos from Ruelala are not nearly as amazing looking.  If I hadn't already been wanting this top, I doubt I would have bought it based on these photos... they are not bad, but just kind of meh.

Anyway, I bought it immediately because I was afraid my size would be sold out lol.  So I got size S, and it fits!  I love this top!  It's actually not even too bad looking being untucked.  I think I need to tuck it if I wear it without a blazer though.  The side looks a bit too baggy when it's hanging out.

It's hard to see, but the back actually has a cute keyhole detail on the top.

I love the lace inset design.  The black mesh panels on the sides also give a slimming look.

Here's what it looks like tucked into the skirt.  I actually wore it with my suit jacket over and it looked pretty professional!  But really I think this top could work for any occasion.

The second top I got is also by Robbi & Nikki and also only $25.  It is a colorblock top and the green part is metallic.  I love the color combo and the back zipper too.  Makes it look just a little bit more unique.

This is a size small as well.  This top is actually quite sheer.  So you would have to wear a tank under.  Here I have a white one under, which kind of blends in on the bottom with the white panel of the top.  But I think a black cami would work as well.

The zipper weights the back down a little though, that's why you see the V shape at the bottom.

The third and final top I got is the Maggie Ward Skin Knit Back top.  It says that the original price of this top was $225.  But I got it for $35 which sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  I like the nude color and the cross front look, but I especially like the back.  It's very different and unexpected!  I love that it's shorter so there is no need to tuck it into anything.  The front just hangs beautifully.

This one is size small too.  The front is a bit longer.  It's also very sheer.  You must wear a tank under.  I have the same white one under.

There is a clasp closure which keeps the cross part closed:

So I kind of bought the last 2 items just to tag along with the first tank that I'd been eying.  But I'm actually really happy with all 3 tanks and I'm definitely glad I got them all.  I can see all 3 being used a lot for different occasions!

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  1. LJ has 20% off all regular merchandise this weekend. .. Did u (or will you) buy anything?

    1. I added a couple items to my cart but didn't end up buying them lol. I am not feeling any of the new stuff lately. Not from anyone. Sad face!

    2. That can be a good thing. .. save the money for something else! I bought the somersault bra that you have. The label reads cold water hand wash no this no that. ... is it really that delicate? Do u hand wash your LJ bras?

    3. Lol I don't even read those labels. I just wash them with my other bras in the washer. I usually use gentle cycle or handwash cycle for my workout clothes though.


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