Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Well well, this week has been super hectic!  I literally haven't had a moment of rest until right about now.  I kept up my promise to myself from last week that I'd eat as healthy as I could, and workout as much as possible.  I actually did a cleanse diet for the past 4 days or so!  I actually saw this article on livestrong about it and thought I'd give it a try.  I don't think I could do the liquid cleanse, nor do I have the desire to at the moment.  But this one is all solid food!  So basically it's just a really low calorie and low carb diet for 4 days.  I'm not an advocate of eating less normally - I actually think most girls, myself included, who want to add muscle actually need to eat MORE!  And not be afraid of carbs.  But a cleanse like this for 4 days I was willing to give it a try.  Today was actually my 4th day, so for the past 4 days I took it a little easier exercise wise.  I only worked out 2 out of the 4 days, and I didn't lift any weights.

If you don't feel like clicking on the link, here's the cleanse diet:

1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites (scrambled)
½ teaspoon dried oregano

1 medium Granny Smith apple
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Lentil Spinach Salad (spinach, ½ cup cooked lentils, 1 hard-boiled egg, and 2 teaspoons olive oil)

½ cup artichoke hearts
or 1 small steamed artichoke with a squeeze of lemon

Salmon Spinach Salad (1 cup spinach, 4 oz. grilled salmon and ¼ avocado)
You can add flavored vinegar to your salads to bring out their deliciousness!

So, it's pretty simple, does not require a long shopping list.  All solid food, just a lot of fiber, and totally doable.  On day one of this cleanse though, I felt pretty miserable by the end of the day because of how low the calorie count is.  I felt very low energy and hungry!  But from what I hear, that is what most people feel on the first few days of any cleanse.  Days 2.5-4 have been much much better though.  I do think the cleanse did its job, because I feel pretty good right now, and I didn't even have any cravings really.  So the food was satiable.  I also lost about 3 lbs as of this morning, though that is probably all water weight.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I took this whole cleansing thing seriously because I also went and got a colonic!  I know people don't really talk about this, but I do try to get a colonic every change of the season.  I feel it's important to clean out the body's "trash can" once in a while, and it will take away the built up and gas.  I always feel great afterwards and definitely have a flatter stomach.  And the procedure really isn't as horrible as people think!  In fact, it's only uncomfortable when they insert the thing, afterwards you don't even feel it!

Ok anyways, enough about that lol.  So since 2 weeks ago when I decided to clean up my act and stop eating crap, I've lost 8 lbs!  That's crazy, because it was all the food... I did workout a lot, but I always worked out before so food still plays a huge huge part.  Oh yes, as mentioned last week, I also spoke with my friend's trainer for this bikini bodybuilding training program.  It all sounds good and I think I will start in a couple weeks!  I'm excited!

So now onto the most important part of the post - the outfits!  :D

Monday 2/25
What I did:  I did weights, since I knew I was going to be doing the cleanse later on in the week, I planned my workouts so I would get weight training out of the way earlier in the week and was eating enough calories to support my muscles.  I continued doing my own weight training and taking a break from the New Rules of Lifting for Abs.  Just because I'm bored with it.  I did a lot of cardio with my workout as well, mostly HIIT on the treadmill.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in embossed manifesto, with flash Centered Energy Bra under, and Run: Empower crops in coal/passion.  Also wore my Brooks Pure Drift shoes. 

As to and from, I wore my Journey Jacket.

Tuesday 2/26
What I did:  Weights again, with cardio being treadmill sprints and burpees.  I did the kind of burpees that when you jump out, you jump into a side plank, and then switch sides.  I read it in an article somewhere so I tried it out!  A little uncomfortable at first, but definitely works your obliques.

I also have my work outfit to share from Tuesday.  I was excited because I got to wear 2 of my newest purchases together!  The Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in aquamarine, and Esley black sheer sleeve blazer.  I wore the Aldo Leanora shoes with it.  I like that these shoes go with pretty much everything.

Wednesday 2/27
What I did:  Weights again!  It's tough to do weights 3 days in a row, and I felt a little drained going into the gym.  But then once I started working out, I kept pushing and actually worked very hard!  I just hate wasting time at the gym!

What I wore:  Old tank - Lululemon Tri Y tank in blue gingham, with coal Team Spirit crops and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

Also took a picture of my work outfit from Wednesday.  I wore my new Express Portofino shirt in purple, with Express tweed corset pencil skirt, and my new Adrienne Vittadini Diamond tights!  And Aldo Leanora pumps again.

You can't see the shape of the tights very well in my photo, but they are actually pretty cool.  These tights actually fit pretty tightly and really hold you in place so there's no jiggle whatsoever lol.  Here are some better photos:

I actually bought another pair of Adrienne Vittadini diamond fishnet tights (these were on sale on Hautelook for like $7), but haven't worn them yet.  They may be a little too frisky for work though.

Ok back on track now!

Thursday 2/28
What I did:  This was day 1 of my cleanse, so I went to spin class instead.  Although I worked pretty hard too and was ravenous afterwards.  So maybe I should have taken it easier... it was a little hard to go to sleep that night starving!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in pow pink with bright blue Flow Y bra under, and bright blue Run: Passion crops.  I seriously love my Passion crops!

Weather has been weird again last week, fluctuating to 80s!  I didn't really need this, but I wore my haze swiftly long sleeve as to/from.  And J Crew floral flip flops.  =)

Friday 3/1 - I took it off as a rest day, but I do have my work outfit to share!  I wore Calvin Klein two-tone surplus knit dress, with my new Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks!  I seriously took these shoes out of the box and never took them off... hahaha.. oh and of course Friday was the day it was like 85 degrees!  So no more tights and jackets!

Saturday 3/2
What I did:  Pilates, and it was so freaking hard!  I was sweating bullets 5 minutes into the class.  I think the teacher had it in for us and focused a lot on abs and obliques.  I'm unbelievably sore right now.

I actually wore my Lift Your Spirits jacket to the studio, but it was completely unnecessary as it was soooo hot!  I also wore my DvF Lana Thong sandals, until I got there and put on toezies.  =)

Sunday 3/3 - I had every good intention of getting up early and going to hot yoga today to stretch and sweat out the last of my toxins lol.  But I was just too sore and tired!  My body was hurting so I thought it was best to let it rest.  Plus I had a full day planned, so I could have used a more relaxing morning.  I don't feel guilty though, since I went 5 times this week already.  I'm kind of excited to be able to eat more stuff tomorrow!  But for some reason I can't even imagine gorging on lots of high carb or oily type of food.  I just want fruits or something.  This is so unlike me!  Lol!

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