Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tahari ASL Vala Top & Thelina Slim Ankle Pants

I think it's funny, that I bought a whole outfit from Ruelala.  They styled the model with this shirt and pants, and I thought they looked cute together so why not.  I returned some stuff to Ruelala a while ago, and still had some credit.  This Tahari ASL Vala stripped top and Thelina red slim ankle pants totalled exactly the amount of my credit!  So I sort of feel like I got them for free.  =)  I forgot to take a screen shot of the site when I bought it, but here they are on me!

I think this Vala top was kind of interesting and a little more than just a plain t-shirt.  The material is super comfortable too.  It's very thin and soft, and it's actually kind of a burnout material so it's a bit sheer.  I wore it today with my Kitson black skinny jeans and these green suede Gucci wedge heels, and got lots of compliments on the top!  I got it for only 20 bucks, which I am pretty happy with.

I have not worn Thelina ankle pants yet, because I wasn't sure I could pull them off.  But I think I have decided to keep them, especially since they are only $39 which I think is a pretty good deal.  I actually think that I'm going to rock them to work at some point.  I'm trying to have a little fun with my work wardrobe, because black and gray bottoms are so boring after so many years!  I slowly added some colors, like my Express Wide Waistband Editor pants in aquamarine, and my Express red pencil skirt.  So now I'm venturing into a bright colored pant, as well as a shorter style lol.  I've actually always thought ankle pants were cute, and I've seen some really cute suits that are ankle pant style.  But I just didn't think my work environment was liberal enough for that.  I guess I have since decided that I don't care anymore!  Sometimes I look at some other women at my work, and think that my Lululemon groove pants that I wear to workout in are nicer than their work pants (and probably cost 5x more for reals).  A few months ago, I actually saw someone wear a cotton navy dress with little white dolphins printed all over it.  I think I almost fell over in my chair when I saw that!  She didn't get sent home, so I think my red ankle pants are more than safe!

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