Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Diane von Furstenberg Lana Thong Sandals

Apparently I did a lot of online shopping during Memorial's Day weekend.  I saw that the Diane von Furstenberg Lana Thong Sandals were on sale at Nordstrom from $58 to $38 and just had to get them.  They were delivered today (the UPS guy must think I'm crazy with 3 packages today and one yesterday!).  I'm normally not a fan of spending $40 or more on flip flops, but I really like these and I've been looking for cute non-rubber type of flip flops forever - they are hard to find!!  Or I'm just picky.  But these are awesome.

I actually ordered them in green and black, but a few days after I ordered them, I got an emailing saying they canceled my order of the black ones since they are out of stock.  Wtf?  Ugh.  

I actually do like the green color more than black, but black goes with more outfits than green.  It's the pattern that's tricky.  While I don't like to be matchy matchy, I also don't want to look too busy or offensive.  There is a fine line indeed.

I had to order the green ones in size 7, which is one size up from my normal shoe size, since they were out of size 6s.  I did order the black ones in 6, but apparently they were out as well.  But I figured since they are flip flops, one size up won't make much of a difference.  Well, today I received them in the mail and they pretty much fit perfectly!  So I guess I should be glad that the black ones were canceled. 
They also came in red and brown, which are cute too, but I wasn't about to spend $160 and buy 4 pairs of flip flops in the same style.

Anyway, these are made of fabric upper and leather lining.  Rubber sole - I can deal with that, just can't do rubber upper.  I think they are so cute and love the gold leather part in the front.  Very nice touch.  The fabric feels very comfortable on and conforms to my feet.  Love DVF stuff!  I would buy it all if it wasn't so damn expensive most of the time!

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