Friday, August 13, 2010

Lululemon Goodies - Journey Jacket, Cross Train Pullover and Static Cool Racerbacks, and Me Modeling Again!

I had some down time at work yesterday (rare occasion nowadays) so I was able to jump online as soon as I saw the Lululemon email with the new merchandise on the website.  Hooray!  I saw that the Cross Train Pullover came in yet another color - coal/static coal.  Good thing I haven't taken off the tag on the black one I got!  I like the black one, but I love this coal one!  So I ordered it instead and will be returning the black to the store this weekend. Besides, most of my bottoms are black, and I don't want to look too much like a ninja!

Oh I also got it a size down.  My black is a size 4 and I felt like the chest was a little loose on me.  So I took a chance and ordered a 2 in the coal.  I tried on both multiple times tonight and there really isn't a big difference between the 2 sizes.  The size 2 is just slightly tighter through the body and the arms, but I could barely tell the difference.  The chest area seems just a little bit tighter too but almost unnoticeable difference. 

I ordered the two new static Cool Racerbacks in Lolo Purple and Oasis. 

I like the new material - they are silkier.  The fit is the same as the regular Cool Racerbacks.  But I really like the static colors!  I've been loving my boyfriend's Metal Vent Tech in dahlia/silver and wishing they made that color for women so I could buy it!  The static lolo purple is darker than dahlia but similar.

Ok I feel like his shirt looks more purple in person than the photo above.  But static lolo is close enough!  And I think I prefer the more saturated purple anyway.

The static oasis is also a nice color.  It looks more like a darker shade green than teal to me, and the static mutes the brightness of the oasis color tone, so I love it. 

I also got the Journey Jacket in heathered charcoal/citron. 

I loved this jacket as soon as I saw it!  I'm a sucker for military style shirts and jackets so this was an easy one for me.  I don't know if it's supposed to be military style, but looks at least military inspired to me.  I used to never buy Lululemon for street wear, but I guess I'm branching out!  But this jacket is not just a casual hoodie, and I would be able to wear it everywhere!  From the front it doesn't scream Lululemon either, it looks like it could be from any of those stores like Armani Exchange, Zara, or Diesel, etc.  Of course the back has the same Lulu logo like all the other hoodies they have.  

I don't normally like short jackets but I actually think it works with this one.  The length really accentuates the figure, and it's nice to be able to show the color of the shirt underneath.  I really like the charcoal color as well.  It's made of french terry so it's not too thick or warm.  The jacket will be perfect for the fall (and winter here in Socal)! 

The thing that kind of bugs me about it is that the front pockets don't lay flat, and it's not because it's too tight or anything.  Maybe the way the pockets were folded during shipping caused this problem, so I'll try ironing it or something later and see if it helps.  I do like that the pockets aren't identical - you can't tell from the model picture, but one side is a horizontal zipper and the other side is vertical.  The pockets are not fake either - they are really good sized!  I can't imagine putting anything bulky in those pockets, but it's nice to be able to put some cash or credit card in them easily for running errands and whatnot.  

This jacket has a lot of cute details that I think makes it worth $88.  In fact it's a pretty good price as far as jackets go, and especially since most jackets at Lululemon start at $98.  Interesting though that the tag actually says $108.  I wonder why it's priced at $88 online.  I think I would have thought harder if it was $108, that's for sure!  Now I think I'm definitely taking back the Fireside Jacket since it costs $10 more and I don't love it as much.  I actually think tomorrow is my cut off day for that return so this one came just in time! It's funny, when I was impatiently tearing the plastic bag apart to take out the Journey Jacket, the tag came off with the bag!  I must have accidentally ripped it off, but I think it was a sign that I should definitely be keeping it!

Since you all seem to like real life photos, I'm thinking that maybe I should put pics up more often.  Though I don't know how often it will happen since my boyfriend already thinks I'm nuts!  But he did take pictures of me in the Journey Jacket when we got home from dinner, with the static lolo purple Cool Racerback underneath!  Sorry for the lighting though, but this is as good as it gets for now.  I think this jacket looks better with jeans than yoga pants or tights because of the more dressy feel.  Enjoy.  =)


  1. You look fantastic in the Journey Jacket!! Thanks for modeling it :) I ordered the Charcoal, too. I love the detailing of the pockets. Thanks also for the review on the Static CRBs. I've been kind of iffy about them but I think I will order the Lolo. LOVE your blog!!

  2. You look awesome. Sold! I'm going to buy one and then wonder why I don't look like you in it :( Thanks for the reviews.

  3. Love the jacket--did you stay TTS? Thanks!! p.s. I got the static lolo and static oasis CRBs, too :)

  4. What a cute outfit! You should be a lulu model, you wear it so well. What kind of jeans are you wearing?

  5. You look great!! I love how you wore your journey jacket with a CRB and jeans!!!

  6. awww you guys are so sweet!

    @Andrea - I'm sure you will look great in it! It's a very flattering fit.

    @Anon 7:44 am - Well I've found recently that I can wear both size 4 and size 2 in certain things. But the smallest the journey jacket came in was a 4 so I got that. I think if you are in between sizes, probably go with the larger one because it is a snug fit.

    @ anon 8:19 am, the jeans are True Religion! It's my other addiction but can't justify buying as many pairs since I have a bunch hanging up in my closet but I normally only wear work clothes or Lululemon. =)

    @Lulumom, I love the cool racerbacks because you really could wear anything with them! I love wearing them with jean shorts too, and if you wear them inside out, you will see the pretty stitching on the inside and hide the logo so it won't look like "athletic wear"!

  7. You look great in that jacket! Perfect fit.
    Thanks for posting, I love seeing real life pics of lulu.

  8. The jacket is cute on you. Definitely wouldn't guess it's lulu from the front (until you see the hood).

    I usually just buy lulu for workout stuff too, not street wear. I guess my stride jacket & flashback hoodie are not for workouts but I can't dress them up a bit like you did with the Journey jacket.

    Glad to hear this helped you make up your mind on the fire side jacket :)

  9. if you want to sell your journey jacket i'll give it a great home :)


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