Monday, February 18, 2013

Endless Spree at Express...

So I went shopping this weekend and ended up at Express again.  I'm telling you, their deals just have me keep going back!  I guess I could always use work clothes.  I also signed up for Express rewards a few months ago, so every time I buy something I collect these reward points and once in a while I get some "Express cash rewards" to use.  So far I've already collected about 50 bucks.  This time I had $15 to use towards my purchase, so it made it even more worth it.

I caved and bought another button down blouse - the Portofino shirt in a beautiful purple color.  I'm pretty sure the Portofino shirt is just a new name for my convertible sleeve shirts that I already own 3 of and love wearing for work.  It's exactly the same, but I guess "Portofino" just sounds better.  I can't find the color that I bought online, but I think it's this bitter grape color.  Although it really looks blue to me on my computer screen, and the one I bought is a true dark purple, with no blue hue at all.

This was the one item I bought that was more expensive, at $35.  But with my $15 reward, I ended up paying $20 for it so I'm pretty happy.  I know I can get a lot of use out of it.  I love the other 3 I have and have worn them with skirts or pants, tucked in or untucked.  Very versatile.  I wouldn't be surprised if I end up buying another few at some point.  Same as the others, I bought it in size XS.  It still fits loose.

I got another pencil skirt as well, this time in a bright red color!  I can't find the exact skirt online, but it is the same style as this Studio Stretch Welt Pocket pencil skirt, just in red.

The red is identical to this "firecracker" color in this cotton sateen pencil skirt they have.  But I would never buy another cotton sateen item after my first run in with it years ago - it wrinkles like crazy, and shrinks if you dry it.  I love the non-wrinkle, non-shrinking material that is studio stretch lol.  My skirt was the only one the store had left, and it happened to be my size!  Size 2, that is, same as all my other pencil skirts from Express.  It's on sale for only $19, but with another additional 50% off of sale items, it was only 10 bucks... lol... I like it because summer is coming up, and sometimes it's fun to wear a bright color to work!

Lastly, I got this One-Button Peplum Seamed jacket.  It was also the only one the store had, but there seems to be a whole stock of them online.  I got it in size 4.  I think my only other Express suit jacket is a size 2, but I felt that this jacket in a size 4 is even a little bit tight if I try to button it.  However, I'd never button it, so I think it's ok.  It's on sale now for $50 so I paid $25.  I know this is a great deal, but I'm not sure if I like it enough.  My friend Brad who I was with was in love with it and told me I had to get it, so I did.  But now I'm debating if I should return it or not.  I do think the white contrast in the collar is interesting, but I don't really like how short it is.  I prefer longer jackets for work.  Oh well, I'll keep it for a couple weeks and see if/how I can work it in with my wardrobe.

I've been shopping way too much lately!  I have like 3 or 4 deliveries coming to me tomorrow.... hahaha!  I send my packages to work, so people are going to see my shopping addiction!  I normally try to space my deliveries out, but this time due to one reason or another they all shipped at the same time even though I bought them days apart!  Oh well... what can you do...

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