Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Funday!

So I've been feeling so great this week, I think it's because of my increased veggie intake from my green smoothies that I've been making everyday!  In addition, I read about this chia seed supergreen drink recipe from Pop Sugar, and have been trying it out every morning!  I actually was really super surprised by how much I like this drink.  I bought all 3 ingredients it calls for - I use ONE coconut water, Nutiva organic chia seed, and Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens.  It tastes like iced green tea!  It makes me so happy drinking it, and as a pre-breakfast drink, it makes me not as hungry so I can make better choices for breakfast.  This is what it looks like:

I actually never had chia seeds before, and I find it very interesting because when it comes into contact with liquid, it becomes a gel!  Quite fun actually.  I also really like the nutrition content - for 1 tbsp, it has 60 calories, with consists of 3g of fat, 5g of carb (5g of fiber), and 3g of protein.  It's a very well balanced combo, and 5g of fiber is an amazing amount to add to the daily fiber intake from such a small amount of these seeds!  

So I've been having fun experimenting with it.  I decided to make these lemon chia seed protein muffins!  It's basically a combination of different recipes I've read.  Here's what the batter and finished product looks like:


Finished product:


1/2 cup flour - I used almond flour because I try to eat as little wheat/gluten as possible
2 scoops vanilla protein powder - I used Sunwarrior vegan rice protein in vanilla flavor
1/2 tbs liquid stevia - I used NuNatural 
1/2 tbs vanilla extract
2 tbs grapeseed oil
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
juice from one lemon
zest from one lemon
2 tbs chia seeds, which I soaked in water for about 10 min until they became gel

I just whisked everything together, poured them into the baking dish, and baked them for about 25-30 min in the oven at 350 degrees.  My batch made 6 of these protein cup cakes!  And they turned out great!  They are also easy to bring to work and have as a snack during the day since they are packed with protein.  I love the idea of a healthy cupcake!

Anyway, so I will look into more uses for these chia seeds!  I had heard about them a long time ago, but it's great to finally be able to try them out in different ways.  They are super versatile and I love that they are great for baking!  

So this week is the 2nd week after my "detox", and I have been eating more wholesome and nutritious foods.  I'm never hungry, and I even lost a pound!  I feel less bloated and way more energetic so I think whatever these new things I'm eating are doing real good!

Here are the workouts and outfits!

Monday 3/11 Rest day

Tuesday 3/12
What I did:  Spin class

Wednesday 3/13 - Rest 

Thursday 3/14
What I did:  Pilates

What I wore:  Lululemon Dance Strap tank in army green, with black Ebb & Flow crops.  I seriously love these crops.

For work on the same day, I wore my new Tahari ASL skirt in gray ombre, with this white Mango button down top, although this picture's lighting wasn't very good so you can barely see the ombre in the skirt.  Oh well!  I love it anyways!

Friday 3/15
What I did:  Ran a 5k, on the treadmill, with lots of sprints and hills.  It was a killer!

I wore my white swiftly LS top as to and from.

And for work, I wore my new Unique Spectrum button down shirt.  It's a great shirt for Fridays, especially when I paired it with my blue Express wide waistband editor pants that kind of resemble jeans and Sam Edelman Mallory slingback wedge sandals... hehe.

Saturday 3/16
What I did:  I had such a hard but great workout.  I started by alternating 90 second and 30 second sprints, with 60 second rests in between.  Then I did alternating lunge/bicep and squat/shoulder press sets.  Then I went back to the treadmill and ran 5 more 60-second sprints on 15 incline, and then finished it off by doing incline chest press and lat pulldown alternating sets.  I love doing workouts like these, because my heart rate stays up the whole time and I'm sweating like a pig but am so happy lol.

Sunday 3/17 - Well, I did kind of want to lift weights today but I got too busy returning stuff at the mall that I ran out of time.  Oh well, while I would have liked to lift one more day, I feel ok about it since I did pilates on Thursday.  I love pilates for strength building.  It also leaves me shaking and sore afterwards.  Amazing how heavy those 3 lb weights can get after a while!  But I really did want to work out today so I could wear my new Lululemon swiftly LS top in fresh teal/very green!  It would have been perfect for St. Patty's!  But oh well!  I like how a lot of my workout motivation comes from being able to wear cute workout clothes.  True story.  =)

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  1. Definetely gonna try the muffin recipe!! Thx:)
    Yes cute workout clothes motivate me too-you give us great ideas on mixing and matching!


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