Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lululemon Flow and Go Tank in Faded Zap!

I went to my pilates studio in Beverly Hills this morning and stopped by the Lululemon store afterwards.  They have a person wearing boy shorts and super sheer tights over them, doing yoga in the window display, by the way.  As well as manequins dressed up in thongs with super sheer tights over.  Obviously a play on the recently Lululemon sheer bottoms thing that's all over the news.  It was actually a little gross and offensive.  I'm no prude, but it felt like they are making this whole thing a joke when it's in fact a serious issue.  Long time Lululemon fans all know that they've been making see-through bottoms for years now, it's just that they finally admitted it this week.  Although... why now?  I'm skeptical, I think they are using it as an excuse to lower growth expectations.  I work with bonds, not stocks, but I still work in finance and I know that companies usually go from being "growth" stocks to "value" stocks.  Initially when it's growing at a rapid rate, it's classified as a growth stock, its value increases at a fast rate and it pays no or little dividends and reinvest earnings for more future growth.  But that usually only lasts 2-3 years, because nobody is able to maintain that kind of growth rate forever.  Then the company will become more stable and be classified as a value stock, where you won't experience such rapid price appreciation, but you will likely get more dividends and stable prices.    This is around the time frame for Lululemon's growth to slow down.  The ugly shit (not to mention the bleeding colors) they've been making lately aren't helping either lol.  Just looking at my own personal spending at Lululemon, I used to spend hundreds each week and couldn't wait to own the new stuff that get released.  Now I look at the new designs and most of the time I go... meh, and move on.  I shop online a lot, live close to like 10 different stores, and know my credit card numbers by heart, so I'm an easy sell and I'm not even buying!  But who knows, you'd have to look at the benefit of using this as an excuse to lower expected earnings before they come out, or sustain a price drop if this didn't happen and you miss earning estimates.  Just speculating!  But I think that if they want to make jokes, they better be fixing their quality and design problems pronto, otherwise they won't be laughing for much longer.

But anyway, I tried on a bunch of stuff at the store today, but only came home with the new Flow and Go tank in faded zap.  I bought the original version of this tank in alarming a couple years ago, and I bought the deep indigo one last year.  I sold the original one on ebay, for something ridiculous like $128?!?  Did not expect that, but good for my wallet lol.  And I still haven't taken off the tag of my deep indigo one.  I'm thinking I'll sell it on ebay soon too, be interesting to see how much it goes now.  The reason I still haven't worn it is because I always felt a little insecure in it.  The straps are not tight enough, especially the ones connected to the bra.  So I would be a little afraid of falling out of it.  Maybe this is also because I got it in a size 6 since I liked how the back draped better.  But it's just a little big for me.

So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the new version in faded zap.  The straps are now flat instead of round, which makes them stay better.  And also the neck strap and the bottom of the bra straps are wider so they are more supportive.  There's no way to fall out of this tank now!  Yay!  I bought it in size 4.  I think this is the correct size for me.  I actually wasn't a fan of faded zap when it first came out a few years ago, but I like it in the petit dot cool racerback and in this tank.  Here's what it looks like on me:

Closer up of the back...

And the front view:

In addition to the straps, the mesh body is also different now.  The deep indigo one had circle mesh, and this one has micro diamond mesh.  I think circle mesh feels smoother and a bit silkier, and micro diamond mesh feels more matte-like.  And as the names suggest, circle mesh has little circles in it, and micro diamond mesh has little diamond shapes.  The micro diamonds are smaller than the circles, making the material look denser and probably why feels more matte.  But really the difference isn't that big between the two.

Here are the two side by side:

So you can see that the new tank's halter neck strap has been reinforced with a wider strap, which gives more support.  And the bra straps are tighter than before, with the bottom one being wider as well.  The flat straps makes them stay better, and I think they look better too.  Not as flimsy/cheap looking as the old rounded ones.

Here are closer ups of each:

So I think I'm actually going to take the tag off of this tank and wear it this time lol.  This time around it also comes in pop orange, black and white.  I briefly considered pop orange for a second, but I'm really not a fan of orangey/samony/coral type of colors.  Plus I have the No Limit tank in flash, which is similar but so much better looking color.  So faded zap it is!


  1. I totally agree that lululemon window displays aren't amusing to me at all. The quality isn't what it used to be.

  2. Love your blog especially your Sunday Fundays! I also got this year's version would love a navy tank and I don't need support :). Would you be willing to sell yours to me? I sent you an email!


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