Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Funday from La Jolla!

Happy Easter!  I came to La Jolla (a very nice area a few miles north of San Diego) yesterday to spend last night and tonight over here for a friend's as well as my husband's birthday(s).  We've been having a very nice time!  We are staying in La Jolla, but last night we went to Coronado for dinner and drinks with friends, and that was such a cute little part of San Diego that I've never been to before!  There's that famous Hotel del Coronado that is haunted.  It looks gorgeous, I must go check it out some time, but staying there is pretty pricey.  Why would you want to pay a lot of money to stay at a haunted hotel?  Lol.

The weather here has been so nice, in the mid-70s and perfect.  The hotel we are staying at is called Estancia, and it's gorgeous.  It's consisted of 3-story Spanish style buildings and courtyards, with very nice pool and spa.  The landscape is very lush, and it feels cozy and quint, almost like a retreat.  I guess it's a pretty popular spot for weddings and I can see why.  I wish we were staying longer than 2 nights here!

View from our balcony
I posted this picture to facebook yesterday, as I was sitting by the pool.. so nice!

We had a very chill day today too, got up late, had brunch at this very popular spot called The Cottage (waited almost an hour and it turned out to be just normal brunch food...), walked around the La Jolla Cove, then came back to the hotel and sat by the pool again.  That's it lol.  And plans for tonight are drinks at hotel, dinner in town, and hot tub back at hotel.  Then tomorrow morning get up late, possibly lay out by pool, have brunch and drive home.  I love lazy vacations like this!

Look how many pelicans and seals and/or sea lions there are at the La Jolla Cove.  All the rocks are completely covered in white from bird poop, and it smelled like it.

Ok anyway, so now onto the workouts and outfits from last week.  I actually moved onto stage 4 of my lifting program.  Yipee!  But it looks unsettlingly like stage 2.  And by that I mean exactly like stage 2 but with different reps.  Maybe they got lazy and didn't feel like writing more stages...

I guess the point is to increase weight used from stage 2.  But I kind of wish they had come up with different workouts as well.  It's kind of boring just repeating the same two workouts from stage 2. 

Monday 4/2
What I did:  I took Whiskey to the park and ran a couple miles with him.  He's such a goof, he made friends with these 2 dogs but he kept sitting in between them and their owners so the owners would pet him instead.  Seriously, as if he doesn't get enough attention from us and every stranger that walks by him.  He just likes to snuggle up to people, especially females.  I always have to apologize to people when he decides to sit on their feet, or rub up against their legs, for example.  Though I think people generally think it's cute.  I know he just wants attention.  Lol.

What I wore:  It was a warm day.  I wore my Lululemon Swiftly SS shirt in fruitie tootie - my very first swiftly that the store gave me to try out for free.  What a bad trend they started lol.  I wore my matching Run: Ultra short in silver manifesto waistband with fruitie tootie lining, and Adidas Adizero adios 2 shoes.

I also have a work outfit from the same day.  I wore my new Express Oversized Drape Neck Pullover Sweater, with a black tank top under.  And Express Editor Wide Waistband pants in charcoal.  I really love this sweater.  I bought it in black too and it's on its way in the mail!

Tuesday 4/3 - Rest day
But I do have a work outfit though.  I wore my new spring tweed Express Wide Waistband Editor pants, with Express Metallic Ruffle Front blouse.  These pants are longer than my others, I may need to hem 1/2 inch off of them.

Wednesday 4/4 
What I did:  Lift weights.  Workout A of stage 4.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in white, with coal Team Spirit crop, and Adidas shoes again.

Thursday 4/5
What I did:  Lift again, workout B of stage 4.

What I wore:  Lululemon Push Ur Limit tank in lolo purple/power purple, and black Ebb & Flow crop.  And New Balance Minimus Road shoes.  Whiskey was yawning when I was taking this picture lol.

Friday 4/6
What I did:  Interval runs mixed with weight training.

And lastly, I have my Easter Brunch outfit from today!  I wore my Prairie NY dress, with BCBGeneration Tapis sandals that I wore to my wedding, as well as my Swarovsky Nina Vintage Rose earrings that I wore at my wedding. 

I think my LV purse goes well with the outfit, but I wish I had brought my pink caviar Chanel Medallion tote!  It would have matched the shoes perfectly.  Oh well.

It's still great to re-wear wedding shoes and earrings though.  I'm glad I got platform sandals for my wedding since I had to walk on grass and did not want to get my heels stuck.  But as I was stalking my friend's friend's wedding photographer's website, I saw these things called "SoleMates High Heeler Classic Heel Covers" that are specifically made to prevent stiletto heels from sinking into grass.  Why didn't I know about these??  If they actually work, my shoe choices could have been so much broader!

Ok I better get off the computer so I can take my hubby out for his bday dinner.  =)  


  1. Great place, it must be very nice!
    I love your shirt in Lululemon Swiftly SS fruitie tootie.
    Whiskey is a very fun dog! :)

    1. Thanks! Fruity tootie is one of my favorite Lululemon colors.

  2. Couldn't help asking - so what do you do with Whiskey when you go away on weekends? We had boarded our dog and had pet sitters come over 3 times a day... not sure which is best yet!!

    1. Well, my husband's brother moved out to LA from Colorado and lives with us so he takes care of him. But if all of us leave for an extended period (which hasn't happened yet), we will probably leave him at some kind of care center, or my mom.

  3. You look terrific in short shorts! Why don't we see you more often in lulu running shorts/skirts? I personally think your legs seem thinner when you bare them, than with lulu pants and crops. I totally love your Monday outfits, both work and workout. The Express Pullover Sweater is beautiful on you, much better than on the web model.

    As for the high heels cover, I wish I had known about it a few months ago: I wore 6" Louboutin's platform heels for a wedding reception that was held outdoors in a garden with nothing around to stand on but grass! I spent the entire reception on my feet, standing or walking on the ball of my foot. My calf muscles were so stiff the next morning, I could barely walk the following day! The way they look on the pic do remind me of my dog's paws when he wears his snow booties lol (so cute ;-)

    Speaking of dogs, when we go out of town, we also board ours at his regular daycare, so he is already familiar with the people taking care of him, as well as the other dogs at the daycare. I just provide his food and bed, so at least that is consistent while we're not with him.

    1. Thanks! I don't wear shorts very much while working out, because normally I find it either too cold to wear shorts out running, or too hot that I can't stand running outside period. Lol. I don't wear shorts that much to the gym because I like to avoid sleezy men at the gym. Hahaha.

      Sounds like you needed those heel cup things! I didn't even consider cute stiletto shoes for my wedding because I was worried that I'd get stuck while walking down the aisle. Oh well...


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