Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Posting late today!  I've been studying all weekend.  Well, trying to anyway.  I had a friend staying with me on Friday night and my mom came in town and stayed last night.  Whiskey has been so weird lately, he's so bad with strange people inside of our place!  He got so scared seeing my friend that he tried to jump out the window when being approached... LOL!  It was really funny, I wish I had a video camera ready at that moment.  Poor thing, jumped really hard into the glass...  I had never seen him behave that way before!  And then he started peeing but realized that he was not allowed to do that inside so he ran all the way to the door and peed right next to it.  Probably couldn't hold it.  I had to yell at him anyway just to make sure he knew it wasn't allowed.  So then he sat on his pee.  =(  I'm just glad it wasn't on the carpet.  But how strange!  I wonder if something happened when he was little before we got him that makes him so scared of strangers, especially male strangers.  He's not as bad with people outside, and he usually loves girls.  I think it's only when they are inside of his safe territory that he doesn't know how to react.  Or maybe he thinks he's protecting us... except for the parts where he hid and peed himself.  Hahaha.

Anyway!  Back on track now.  Other than my weekend, the week has been pretty low key.  Same routine as usual!

So we will be starting with Tuesday again since Monday was my rest day.

Tuesday 4/17
What I did:  Weight lifting, continuing to do my New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts.

What I wore:  Lululemon Run: Energy SL in angel blue that I just received, and Astro Crop in coal/aruba with New Balance Minimus road shoes.

By the way, do you like my copyright on the bottom of my pictures?  Hehe.  I've decided to do this since lots of my photos have been found on ebay lately, which many of you have kindly written in to let me know.  I figure I probably can't stop it or keep track of all the listings, so I might as well take credit for the photos... LOL!  But seriously though, if you contact me to let me know, or give credit where it's due (kinda free advertising for me!), then I don't mind you using my photos.

Wednesday 4/18
What I did:  Weight lifting again.

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly shirt in lavender with coal Team Spirit crops.  I wore the same New Balance shoes again.  I think I wore these a lot this week.

I also have a work outfit from Wednesday.  We were doing business dress, I decided that instead of my usual suits, I would wear my Calvin Klein Scoop Neck dress with a Calvin Klein suit jacket (click on this link and check out the angry facebook person's comment... lol).

I love this dress, it's very comfortable but it wrinkles so easily!  That's the only thing.  Though my Sharper Image steamer does wonders getting rid of them.  This is what it looks like after wearing it and sitting all day in it.

But it's not so bad with the jacket over it:

Thursday 4/19:  Rest day

Friday 4/20
What I did:  Weight lifting again.

Saturday 4/21
What I did:  Interval training with sprints and weights.

What I wore:  It was soooo freaking hot!  I wore my Practice Freely tank in lavender dusk, with my Hot Move short.

I was going to workout today, but since my mom was here and all, we went to eat brunch instead so that she could get on the road afterwards.  Oh well!  I did take a picture of my brunch outfit though lol. We were going somewhere very casual, and I wore my Lululemon Studio Crop in concord grape.  Love these for casual wear!  I remember how cute it looked with green shoes on the Lululemon banner photo, so I wore this old t-shirt with a green panda on it (the back says "Going Green"), and my DVF green sandals!  Though I must've forgotten my sandals when I took this pictures, so it's not pictured.  =/  

And that wraps it up!  I must go to bed now so I can wake up in like 5 hours for work... haha.  Ugh, Monday!


  1. The copyright is a smart idea! Just a suggestion though - I would put it higher on the picture so it isn't so easy to crop out. Maybe up at the top - it wouldn't block your face since you don't take pictures that high.

    1. Thanks! I thought about putting it higher up but was not sure if it would be too distracting. I'm going to go play with it more tonight when I get home. I am so glad I never put my face up bc I really wouldn't feel comfortable having it on eBay lol.

  2. Hey, you are really a super model for all Lulu pieces (photos are beautiful and realistic - every item screams buy-me!). And not to mention, you're a fabulous photographer too! It's very hard to take photos like yours, from an iPhone in front of a mirror. I had to try it for kicks, and my, my photos turned out really horrible! ;-) Did it take you awhile to find that perfect mirror position, background and lighting, or are you just a natural?!

    And Whiskey is beyond words can describe... what a pup!!!

    Happy monday... it's another week! :)

    1. Aww thanks! So nice of you. =)
      I actually only have this hallway in my place that has a closet with mirrored doors that I can stand in front of and take pics. The hallway is not that wide so I just stand all the way against the opposite wall and thats the only way to get full body shot. There are 2 other rooms with full length mirrors but the background would be too distracting. So I don't have much of a choice! And I always just do the same pose since I'm not that creative lol. I have like 2 variations - left hand on waist or left hand hanging down. Hehe. My older pics used to be taken by my husband but he got over that really quickly lol.


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