Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Express Editor Wide Waistband Pants


I went to Express again this weekend to get some work clothes.  I LOVE their Editor Wide Waistband pants.  Not the Original Editor pants, only the Wide Waistband.  I love them because they fit so well, the material is nice and thicker than the original Editor pants, and they never wrinkle!  I own at least 6 pairs of these pants in different colors.  When they first came out, which I believe was middle/fall of last year, they only had the basic colors - black, black pinstripe, charcoal, medium grey.  I bought them all.  Then they came out with brown, and slowly more and more fun colors and patterns, like tan, white, light gray, different checkered, plaid, etc. etc.  So I bought a few more pairs.  

These pants are priced pretty well at $49 - 59 depending on the pattern/material.  The original Editor pants which are made with thinner material and sell for at least $69-89.  So these are a great deal comparatively. The main difference between the two other than material is obviously the waistband.  I like the wide waistband because they feel more comfortable and hold the tummy in place better.  And I think they make you look slimmer.  

I love the length of these pants too because the regular length is 33 inch inseam, which is absolutely perfect for me to go to work and wear heels with.  I never have to hem them.  They tend to run a little big.  I have size 0 and size 00.  The size 0s I bought were my earlier purchases.  They were fitted in the beginning, but over time have bagged out a little.  So I started buying size 00.  They fit well from the beginning too, and I can't tell whether they have bagged out or not after wear, but even if they did, I believe they still fit fine.  I don't want super tight pants for work anyways.  I just hate having too much excess material around the thighs because it reminds me of junior high when baggy pants were in style.  Eww.

The latest ones I bought are black weave, which is very similar to the picture above, but instead of brown being the main color, the ones I bought are black/dark charcoal.  I really like the pattern and color combination.  I am guilty of having pretty much only dark colored pants, but I just feel like they work well with all colored tops, and go with my black jacket.  I didn't notice when I bought them though, that they are made of cotton sateen material.  I have one pair of original Editor pants in this material, and it wrinkles pretty easily, which I found to be the case with these as well.  But the dark color hides the wrinkles fairly well.  And I made the mistake of washing my other cotton sateen pants (even though the instruction says machine wash cold), they came out looking super worn looking and wrinkly that I have not worn them since.  I even ironed as much as I could and still didn't help much.  I need to take them to a dry cleaner and see if they can salvage them by putting some starch in.  Who knows.  But I won't make the same mistake with my new ones.  To the dry cleaner they will go!  Very annoying.  I hate taking stuff to the dry cleaner.  Such a waste.  A few trips to the dry cleaners adds up to the price of the item so might as well buy a new one! 

I did notice a slight difference between my newest Editor Wide Waistband pants and my earlier ones.  There are 3 front clap closures on my older ones but only 2 on the new ones.  Also, the new ones have belt loops while the old ones do not.  I think it's nice to have belt loops even though I never need to wear a belt with them.  Sometimes if I wear a dress shirt and tuck it into my pants, it's nice to put a belt around just to complete the look.  One of my coworkers always tucks her shirt into pants but never wears a belt and it bugs me.  A lot.  Lol.  So I'm glad that they added belt loops for weirdos like me!  Pretty sure these pants are just perfect now!  Will definitely keep looking for new colors to add to my collection.  I find that with work stuff, it's best to stick with something that I know works.

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