Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lululemon Energy Bra and 50 Rep Bra

I went to my dentist's office today after work to pick up my night guard.  I grind my teeth badly at night for some reason and sometimes wake up with sore jaws.  My dentist has been telling me to get a night guard for years but I finally took the plunge last week.  So now I am the proud owner of a new night guard!  Can't believe this plastic mold cost me more than 400 bucks though.  It did not feel too comfortable when I tried it on in her office but I guess I have to give it a try and supposedly will get used to it within about a week.  We'll see!

Anyway so traffic was horrid today.  It always is on Thursday nights for some reason.  So to avoid traffic, I went a couple blocks down to my favorite Lululemon store (Brentwood of course!) to check out new stuff.  I just love the atmosphere and layout there, and how friendly everyone is.  I can really spend hours in there and try on everything without feeling pressured to buy anything or to get out of their hair.  So I actually always end up buying something that I did not expect to like.  I didn't really see any new tanks or pants I wanted, but I did try on the Energy Bra in grape seed (?) because I like how the back looks.

I saw this bra last weeks in a different store but didn't feel like trying anything on then.  The smallest size Brentwood had was a size 6.  I normally wear a 4.  Oh yeah the bad thing about Brentwood is that size 4s sell out just like that.  It's very close to UCLA, I guess it's just too much of an active and young neighborhood!  So I ended up trying on the size 6 in the Energy bra and took it home!  I think because this bra is made of luxtreme material, I can get away with a size up.  It felt very comfortable and supportive enough for me for pretty much anything.  The straps are just stretchy enough that they don't pull on my neck or dig into my shoulders.  I just can't get over how cute the back is!  I tried it on with my Cool Racerback tanks and only a little bit of the straps show on the back.  But I need a couple more strappy or scoop back tanks so the whole back will show!  I also like the grape seed color which is a light purple that will go with pretty much all my stuff.  I have lots of purple hues.  So I'm really excited about this purchase!

I also saw the 50 Rep Bra in very violet on sale for $34 so decided to pick that up too.  It was the only one they had left and it happened to be a size 4. 

I've always liked the look of this bra, and I have actually tried it on before.  But this is the first one of these that I bought.  I really like how the extra wide band on the bottom makes it very comfortable.  I think I could probably size up to a 6 in this bra as well.  But size 4 isn't too tight since I don't have a particular large chest anyways.  I do think the cups are smaller in this bra so if my cup size was any larger I'd probably have to size up.  I like the very violet color - it looks really cute with my static very violet Cool Racerback.  The straps lay under the front of the Cool Racerback completely, but the back shows a little bit.  

I'm glad I got 2 new bras that aren't Flow Ys!  That's really my go-to bra for most everything, but it's always good to branch out and have different options.  I can't wait to try both of them out and see how they do during an actual workout!


  1. I love the back of the tank and so tempted to get it for myself! I have 50 reps bra and love it as well!

  2. Do it!!! It's so cute and comfy. I'm considering getting it in a different color too!

  3. I just got the same energy bra in purple too! It's so comfy and i love the back!

  4. I have the energy in Tango Red, and I love it! Have you ever thought about trying out the Arise? It's less support but I also love the back on that one too, I have it in Unicorn Tears and I just got it in the gray they uploaded to the website this morning.

  5. I have seen the Arise bra but have not tried it on. I will have to try it next time I go to the store and see!


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