Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Dress is Perfection Now! New Shoes & New Ambitious Project for Wedding

This has been such a crazy weekend being the weekend before my wedding.  I feel like this blog has been turning into a wedding blog.  HAHA.  Oh well, it will all be over soon enough.  I've seriously been running around with no breaks all day yesterday and today.  So unfortunately no "Sunday Funday" today, and probably not for a while since next weekend is the wedding and pretty soon after we are going on our honeymoon to Europe for most of October.

I did manage to pick up my wedding dress from the tailor yesterday though right before she closed, as I was at my waxing appointment right before that.  And oh my gosh, the dress is absolutely perfect!  I am so happy because I did not expect it to fit this well.  Now I am 100% happy with the dress I chose and I think it will look gorgeous in pictures, because it is super figure flattering.  I went to this tailor who is like a hidden gem in LA.  She works out of a hole in the wall literally, very close to the Grove.  It is very small but clean inside.  But from the outside it's easy to miss.  She does amazing jobs with wedding gowns and so many brides go to her.  She's this older Russian lady who doesn't even speak English that well, but whatevers, you just let her do her thing and it will be perfect.  Her price is reasonable too, I think?  I really don't know how these things usually run.  But my alteration was rather complex - I had to take it in at least 2 sizes all the way, shorten the strap, hem, and cut off most of the train.  I ended up paying $385 and considering the amount of work she did and 3 different fittings, I think it was reasonable.  For anyone in the area reading this, her name is Galina and her shop is called Elegant Mode Tailoring.  I'm really glad I was able to find her!  I really was not THIS thrilled with my dress until now, you know, like questioning whether I got the right dress, blah blah.  Now there is no doubt!  And it looks super glam with the fur shawl I bought.

So since my wedding will be outdoors and I have to walk through the grass, I will not be able to wear stilettos unfortunately.  It's kind of tragic really.  I was going to wear these platform shoes I got in a shop in Vegas last month.  But I've been having doubts about those and just not 100% happy with them.  So a couple weeks ago I bought these BCBGeneration Tapis sandals in pink canvas, and I think I will go with them now.  Even though they are a bit casual looking, but this only means I can wear them for other things later.  The color is a light pink with sheen, and it matches my pink wedding theme perfectly.  And they are really comfortable, so I think I can walk around the yard and dance all night long in these.  So maybe it's a blessing in disguise that I can't wear heels.

On a side note, my fiance's bought his groomsmen gifts which are these flasks with a pocket for a deck of cards.  Really cute.  You can also clip it to your belt.  

Coincidentally, these fit perfectly into the pink feather top pouches I bought to hold my bridesmaid earrings.  LOL!  Isn't it cute??

He refuses to use these though.  Sigh... so I had to just wrap them up in tissue paper and put inside of some gift bags I bought at Target today.  He still thinks these are too girly, and has to put a disclaimer to his buddies that I made these:

I spent $200 buying stuff at Target today, it's ridiculous.  I bought Papyrus cards for our wedding party and parents and those things are $$$!!!  6-7 bucks a card?  Whatever!  At least they are cute.  So I had to bite the bullet.  I bought 12 of those, soooo they sure added up!

And this is super ambitious of us, but we are working on a last project with only 2 days to go (we are driving up to Tahoe on Wednesday).  I saw this super cute cut out on one of the blogs I read, and we are now attempting to make them out of some foam boards we bought at Home Depot:

Eeek, we'll see how that turns out.  But I really would like to make something that looks like this to go as a backdrop at the ceremony, as we did not plan to have an arch or anything.  I think this would be so cool to go behind us and it will not really block the lake view.  The letters we are making are about 2 feet tall.  We actually drew out an outline on the foam boards, so next step is to cut them out.  Hopefully that part won't be too tough........ then all there is to do is to glue some roses on using a hot glue gun.  Easy breezy?  I hope?  I really hope we can make this happen!


  1. Backdrop at the ceremony, and it would be really neat to have people sign the 'Love' sign at the reception ;)

  2. Awww yeah that'd be cute! I bought all different colors of metallic markers too. Hehe. Working really hard to make this sign happen now!!! =D


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