Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Funday Mini Addendum

Hmm I don't know what happened but I just realized that I totally forgot to post 2 photos from last week for the Sunday Funday post.  It's actually rather silly, as I just wanted to point out the difference between my Saturday workout outfit and Saturday night going to dinner outfit.  Ok, provided it was a very casual dinner, but still.

Workout outfit:  I put the new ultra violet swiftly 1/2 zip on over the Stuff Your Bra tank.

Hmmm... Ok I admit I need help lol.  I was really comfortable at dinner though...


  1. hahahah.... you gave me a good laugh :)
    Me too, Sometimes i put my lululemon for dining or shopping. Completely crazy and addicted to lululemon!

  2. It makes me happy when I can make my lululemon work for evening wear and casual work wear! Looks amazing! In the winter, my staple outfit was WU's, boots, and some type of longer tunic. What better thing to wear to work as dress pants, than WU's!

    1. Yeah, it makes you feel like it's ok to spend more money on Lulu stuff when they are versatile. But sometimes I feel like a loser, like I should wear real clothes. Lol.


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