Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lululemon Tame Me Tank Flash & Flow Y Bra in Flash

Continuing my Lululemon shopping streak, I went to the store today and got 2 more things - the Run: Tame Me Tank in flash, and Flow Y bra also in flash.  I actually decided to exchange my heathered flash cool racerback which I hadn't taken the tags off yet, for the Tame Me tank.  Because I don't need 2 tanks in flash.  I really like the fit of the Tame Me.  It doesn't have a built in bra so you have to wear your own.  Though based on the way the chest portion is designed, they totally could have put one in and I wish they did.  I don't have any sports bras that have regular bra straps so all my sports bras will show on the back under this tank which is a scoop back.  It's doesn't look bad, with a Flow Y under, especially with the flash Flow Y in the same color.  But I would have preferred a built in bra.

But anyway, this tank has a very cute and flattering fit though.  The chest is made of luxtreme and the body is silverescent, which makes the color look more desaturated.  Although it still looks brighter in person than the web photos.  Flash in silverescent actually looks similar to the color of heathered flash cool racerback.  I don't really like solid flash on me in an entire tank (I tried on the Power Y in it), I think it's just a little too bright on.  But in small doses like the chest portion only, it's fine.

The body of this tank drapes very well.  It's a loose fit without making you look shapeless or preggers.  I really like the back pleat detail.  It actually brings in the extra material to give you more of a waistline. The bottom hem also has a cinchable cord that you can tighten.  I like it the way it is though.

As I was taking pictures of myself in this tank tonight, Whiskey wouldn't leave me alone with his big stuffed animal dog.  He always whips it around and wants to play tug with it.  He's so cute with him though!  So I was playing with him a little, and taking photos at the same time!  LOL!  As a result, I kinda got an action shot series going on... action more so on his part though.  I was just trying to stand still so that my pictures wouldn't be blurry! I thought these were kinda funny, so here they are!  Oh, and I wore my white Flow Y bra under because I still had the tags on the flash one.  I think the color of this tank in my photos look closer to real life than the web photos.

And don't mind my gigantic Lulu box (haven't gotten around to throwing it away yet) and hubby's dirty running shoes in the background!  Hehe.

On a side note, I saw and tried on the Power Vinyasa crop in concord grape.  But I'm keeping my black ones.  I was with my very fashion conscious gay friend, and he said the jacquard lace on concord looks a bit tacky.  So that helped making up my mind very easily lol.


  1. Those pictures are hilarious - you are standing so still and the dog is out of control!

    I have to tell you that I have started wearing the Adidas Adizero shoes - have not actually run in them yet, but wore them for my BodyPump and Body Attack classes - and out and about on long walks. I always get compliments on them! They are so flashy (I love unexpectedly bright items) but very functional and supportive. I have never referred to shoes before as "kicks" - except for these! Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Haha there were actually many other ones I took that I was moving and it was too blurry I had to delete. Haha.

      So glad to hear that you are loving those shoes!!! They are so pretty and awesome lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Omg so funny!! I had to do a double take then ask my hubby if he's playing a joke on me lol


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